Yann Haute Patisserie – Calgary, AB

In addition to being well-known for their macarons, Yann Haute Patisserie has a variety of delicious pastries and baked goods to offer.  I happen to be in the neighbourhood recently and decided to stop by to check out their beignets. I had read about their beignets and wanted to see what they were like. On the day I went, they had two flavours of beignets.  The first variety was filled with vanilla bean cream and rolled in cinnamon sugar.  The second was filled with hazelnut cream and the top covered in chocolate and studded with hazelnuts.  I bought a couple of each variety to try.

I first tried the one filled with vanilla bean cream. I thought the filling was delicious and one could see the specks of vanilla bean. I felt the vanilla bean cream filling really complemented the light texture and flavour of the beignet. The external coating of cinnamon sugar really added depth to the flavour for every bite and all the flavours worked well together. My only small complaints were that the vanilla bean cream filling was a bit too thick and rich and also, I thought there was too much filling in the beignet. The beignet itself was light and soft and I wished there was more beignet than filling in every bite. Next, I tried the hazelnut one. I’m a huge fan of anything hazelnut so I thought this would be my favourite. To my surprise, the hazelnut beignet was just ok. While the hazelnut cream filling was strong in hazelnut flavour, I thought it had a slight powdery texture which might have been from the finely ground hazelnut. Again, I found that there was too much filling for my liking and the filling was too thick and rich.

Besides the beignets, I also bought some croissants. I think Yann Haute makes some of the best croissants in Calgary. On this visit, I bought an almond croissant as well as a chocolate one.  I love how the croissants are crispy on the outside and very flaky on the inside.  Though on a previous visit, my favourite was the chocolate croissant, this time the almond croissant was the winner.

I wished the chocolate croissant had a bit more chocolate filling  this time so that I could taste the chocolate in every bite.  In all fairness, it was very cold in Calgary that day and the chocolate filling kind of thickened up and did not spread within the croissant.

On this visit, Yann Haute also had blueberry brioche pastries as well. I thought it was delicious. The thing I liked most was that it was not too sweet. The brioche dough was light and soft.  It’s perfect as a breakfast pastry.  As I was paying for my goodies, I noticed that they had sold baguettes as well.  Since I was already overloading on carbs that day, I thought I might as well give it a try.  I bought one of the sourdough baguettes. I loved the texture of the baguette. It was perfectly crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Yann Haute Patisserie
329 23 Avenue SW


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2 Responses to Yann Haute Patisserie – Calgary, AB

  1. dugfromacctg says:

    Why is it that I see a beignets place right after I start a diet….AI YA…..

    Hey a good sourdough is a good sourdough – and that looks like a good sourdough. Now all we need to do is find a way to make a muffuletta sandwich on that sourdough and we are good.

    • miss.foodie says:

      You should check out this place while you are in Calgary. The sourdough is very good. Probably some of the best I’ve had here. It also comes in loaf-form instead of a baguette. I chose to the baguette because I was using it to make crostinis. It will definitely be good for muffuletta sandwiches.

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