Cowtown Beef Shack – Calgary, AB

Cowtown Beef Shack has been a favourite lunch destination of mine since they opened in the summer of 2009. The shack is situated in a very unconventional location, just off the very busy Macleod Trail. It is literally in the parking lot of Home Food Inn. For the most part, it is more of drive-thru type of place. When the weather is nice, there are a few picnic tables where you can actually sit and enjoy your sandwich. But for a good part of the year, I typically either end up eating in my car while the sandwich is still fresh and hot or bringing it back to my office.

The menu at Cowtown is simple. There are 4 sandwiches ($8) to choose from – Cowtown Cheese Steak, Beef Dip, Beef & Cheddar, and BBQ Beef. To date, I’ve only tried the BBQ Beef and the Beef Dip. The Beef Dip has been my favourite at Cowtown. I usually order mine with sautéed onions and horseradish. What I like most about the Beef Dip is that you can actually taste the flavour of the beef. The Beef Dip is served with a container of jus made from the roast drippings. Ever since I’ve tried the Beef Dip at Cowtown, I just can’t bring myself to order any other sandwich when I go as I love the unsauced flavours of the beef dipped into the flavourful jus. The jus is so delicious that I would actually drink it if there was any leftover, but sadly, I never seem to have any leftover by the time I finish my sandwich. The horseradish gives the sandwich the added punch and enhances the flavour of the beef.  I just can’t get enough of the beefy goodness!

What has impressed me the most about Cowtown is the consistency in the execution of the sandwiches and the jus for the Beef Dip.  I have been stopping by regularly since they opened to get my Beef Dip fix. This speaks volumes about the pride and care owner, Brad Johnson, takes in preparing his food. He uses quality ingredients for the sandwiches such as  AAA Angus beef roasts from High River, AB and fresh baguettes from a local bakery.  The foot-long beef sandwiches at Cowtown are great value considering the portion size and quality of ingredients used. Cowtown Beef Shack is truly a hidden gem.

Cowtown Beef Shack
5250 Macleod Trail S.
Calgary, AB

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