Fruli – Belgian Strawberry Beer

I stumbled across Fruli for the first time several years ago at one of our larger local liquor stores here in Calgary, Willow Park Wines & Spirits. As I was wandering around the store waiting for a wine event to start, I came upon a sampling table featuring Fruli.  I took an instant liking to it upon my first sip. I’m normally not a fan of sugary, sweet alcoholic beverages. I was very surprised the sweetness in the Fruli tasted very natural. In addition, it wasn’t overly sweet even though it had a very strong strawberry flavour.  Fruli would definitely be my beverage of choice over any of the alcoholic coolers if I was craving something fruity.  For those who are not big fans of a strong beery taste and would prefer a fruitier taste, Fruli would be an ideal choice.  Fruli is a blend of 70% white beer and 30% fruit juice. Personally, I think it pairs well with turkey, roast pork or chicken, or even on its own as a beverage to sip on the patio.

In recent years, it has been a lot easier to find Fruli locally here in Calgary ($2.50 -$4.00 for 250mL). I’ve purchased it from Highlander Liquor, Crowfoot Liquor, Co-op Wines & Spirits, and Wester Cellars (Sobey’s).  I just discovered recently it is now even available at BC Liquor Stores in the Vancouver area ($2.45 for 250mL).

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2 Responses to Fruli – Belgian Strawberry Beer

  1. Lindsay says:

    Yum, I love fruli! I can’t wait for patio weather so that I can have one. 🙂

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