The Little Cupcake Shoppe – Calgary, AB

I happen to be in the McKenzie Towne area of Calgary last week running an errand and decided to stop in The Little Cupcake Shoppe. I picked up half a dozen mini cupcakes to try. I was curious how they would compare to other cupcake shops around town.

The first one of the bunch I tried was the chocolate cream cheese which consisted of chocolate cake topped with cream cheese frosting. This was my favourite out of the lot. I was impressed at how moist the chocolate cake was and it went really nicely with the creamy frosting.  This was a perfect combination.  The cream cheese frosting was very creamy and not sugary, at all.

The next one I tried was the mocha which consisted of mocha buttercream on top of chocolate cake.  This cupcake was just OK. Again, the chocolate cake was nice and moist but there was nothing special or memorable about the mocha buttercream frosting. I could taste the coffee in the mocha frosting.

The next cupcake I tried was the pina colada. It supposedly consisted of pineapple buttercream on coconut cake and was topped with coconut flakes. I couldn’t taste the pineapple in the frosting and if I hadn’t read the menu, I wouldn’t have even known it was pineapple buttercream. The cake was moist and I could taste a bit of the coconut but the coconut flavour was not as strong as I was expecting. All in all, it was OK for a coconut cupcake but not great for a pina colada cupcake.

The fourth cupcake was the  carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. Again, I loved the creaminess of the frosting. The carrot cake was good. Though it didn’t have a very strong carrot taste, I liked that it was very moist. I also found the carrot cake different in that it was not heavily spiced as typically carrot cake tends to be. This was my second favourite out of the lot.

Next was the lemon vanilla which consisted of lemon buttercream on top of vanilla cake. Apparently the buttercream is made with freshly squeezed lemon juice according to their menu. I was actually surprised as I thought it tasted a bit odd. The lemon taste was almost too strong but at the same time, it didn’t have a fresh, citrus taste.  The vanilla cake was nice and moist.

Last was the raspberry chocolate which consisted of raspberry buttercream on top of chocolate cake. This was my least favourite. I did not enjoy the raspberry buttercream at all. Apparently according to the menu, it is made with real raspberries and there is no artificial flavour or color. I couldn’t really taste the raspberry flavour. In fact, if I did not know it was supposed to be raspberry buttercream I wouldn’t have been able to guess based on the flavour profile.

All in all, there were some definite hits and some misses. I really enjoyed the cake portion of the cupcakes as each of them were soft and moist. In terms of the frosting, I would say the cream cheese frosting is the definite winner.  Out of the bunch with buttercream that I tried, I would say the mocha is the better one of the bunch.  I would go back to The Little Cupcake Shoppe for the chocolate cream cheese cupcakes. For the ones with buttercream, I’ll take a pass as I’ve had better cupcakes with buttercream frosting from other shops in town.

The Little Cupcake Shoppe
#230, 11 Mckenzie Towne Ave SE
Calgary, AB

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1 Response to The Little Cupcake Shoppe – Calgary, AB

  1. Elsie Hui says:

    I enjoy their cupcakes! I think the store front is adorable too!

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