Pho Ga @ My Chau – Vancouver, BC

My Chau is one of my favourite eateries in Vancouver. It is a tiny family run  Vietnamese restaurant on the Eastside of Vancouver. Their signature dish is #3 Pho Ga Don (deep-fried chicken with rice noodle in soup).  It comes in two sizes – $6 for the small and $6.50 for the large.  The Pho Ga Don (chicken pho) at My Chau is unique in that the chicken is served separately from the noodle soup. I love the taste of their noodle soup. The chicken-based broth of the Pho Ga is lighter than the typical beef-based broth of Beef Pho (Pho Bo), yet it is surprisingly flavourful. The rice noodles are cooked perfectly every time.  As delicious as the Pho Ga is, interestingly it is not the star of the show. The star is actually the leg of fried chicken.  The fried chicken is served with a bowl of dipping sauce (nuoc cham).  The skin of the chicken is so thin and crispy while the chicken meat is so juicy and tender.  I’ve never had Pho Ga this tasty before.

My Chau is a true hidden gem. I try to visit My Chau at least once every time I’m in town. To me, the Pho Ga at My Chau is the ultimate comfort food. I love how light and flavourful the rice noodle soup is.  I could eat it every day if I lived in Vancouver.  My Chau actually has quite an extensive menu although I’ve never tried anything else besides the Pho Ga.  I just can’t bring myself to order anything else since I can’t get Pho Ga anywhere else as tasty as the version at My Chau’s and I only get to visit Vancouver a couple of times a year so my opportunities to enjoy the Pho Ga are limited. What has also impressed me is how consistent the Pho Ga is at My Chau. I’ve been there at least half a dozen times now over a span of two years and each time the Pho Ga is as good I remember it to be from my first visit.

One thing I should point out though is that the business hours for My Chau are limited. They are only open Mondays to Saturdays from 9:30 AM to  6:00 PM and are closed on Sundays.


My Chau
1715 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

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