Lunch @ Pelican Pier – Calgary, AB

My colleagues and I occasionally go to Pelican Pier for lunch.  We like going there as the service is always quick and the food is freshly prepared.  We typically order the lunch specials. The 3 piece fish dinner at lunch is $10.99 and includes 3 pieces of fried pollock and a choice of fries, salad, or soup.  For soup, there is a choice of white seafood chowder or Manhattan clam chowder.  I always order the 3 piece fish dinner with Manhattan clam chowder. Pelican Pier is one of the few places that serves Manhattan clam chowder. Their Manhattan clam chowder is delicious and actually tastes homemade. The tomato based chowder contains lots of baby clams and vegetables like red peppers and potatoes.  The fried fish is lightly battered and crisp.  While this is not necessarily the best fried fish I’ve ever had,  it is tasty nonetheless and great value for $10.99.   I’d recommend Pelican Pier for a quick and tasty lunch at a reasonable price.

Pelican Pier Seafood Restaurant
4404 14 Street NW
Calgary, AB

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