Kickers Smoked Meat & Deli – Calgary, AB

I’ve grabbed lunch from Kickers Smoked Meat & Deli a couple of times now.  On my first visit I tried the Regular (6 oz.) Smoked Meat on Rye. I had a chat with the owner while he was making my sandwich. He told me he sources his Montreal Smoked Meat (MSM) from Lester’s Deli in Montreal.  Hence, it is definitely an authentic MSM sandwich.  For me, personally though, I’m a huge fan of the MSM from Schwartz’s in Montreal.  I find the MSM from Schwartz’s to be more spicy and flavourful compared to the MSM from Lester’s.  Hence, I found the Smoked Meat sandwich at Kickers to be on the milder side and it wasn’t my favourite.  In addition to offering Smoked Meat sandwiches, Kickers also offers a variety of other sandwiches including some “Grilled Canadian Press” sandwiches which are similar to paninis. 

I tried the Quebec City Smoked Turkey, brie, & cranberry ($12), which was one of the “Grilled Canadian Press” sandwiches.  This panini-like sandwich has become my favourite at Kickers.  I like how the flavours and textures work together in harmony – the creaminess of the melted brie, the tartness of the cranberry preserves, the smokiness of the turkey, and the crispness of the pressed sourdough bread. The grilled press sandwiches come with a choice of sides. On this visit, I chose the macaroni salad. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the macaroni salad as much as I enjoyed the sandwich. There was too much mayo in the salad. The flavour was plain and a bit bland. I’d probably try a different side on my next visit. 

Kickers Smoked Meat & Deli
1215 1 St SW
Calgary, AB

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