O Shima Japanese Cuisine – Calgary, AB

After reading some decent reviews about O Shima on the local food boards, I decided to give them a try. O Shima is located in the spot that was formerly Mount Everest’s Kitchen.

On this visit, we ordered three items – the Katsu Don($10.25), the Samurai Combo($14.95), and the Dynamite Combo ($16.25). 

The Katsu Don consisted of breaded pork cutlets, onions, green onions, beaten eggs in seasoned soy sauce served on top of steamed rice. The Katsu Don was a generous sized portion and tasted ok.  I wished that some pieces of cutlet would be more crispy but because the beaten eggs had covered every piece of breaded cutlet, the breaded crust had softened. The cutlet pieces were tender and flavourful.

The Samurai Combo consisted of a 6 piece Samurai roll and 3 pieces each of tuna and salmon nigiri. The Samurai roll contained squid tempura, tuna, and cucumber  and was topped with a spicy mayo sauce. The Dynamite Combo consisted of a 8 piece Dynamite roll and 2 pieces each of tuna and salmon nigiri. The Dynamite roll contained shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, tobiko, cucumber, and lettuce. Overall, I was not pleased with the quality of the salmon and tuna nigiri as they did not look very fresh.  They did not taste or smell fishy but they had a dull appearance.  Normally, if the fish is very fresh, they should have a glistening or shiny appearance. The rolls were ok. At least they held together as we ate them.  I could not really taste the tempura squid in the Samurai roll although I could see that there was squid in the roll.  The tempura shrimp in the Dynamite roll was really dark and appeared as if it might have been refried or been in the fryer for too long.   Normally, the Dynamite roll itself is $10.25 on the a la carte menu at O Shima.  I didn’t think it was worth it. I’ve had much better tasting and more creative rolls for a similar price at other places.

Overall, I was not impressed with the sushi at O Shima. I didn’t think the ingredients were very fresh.  Based on what we had, I don’t think O Shima is very good value for the price.  With the number of sushi restaurants we have here in Calgary, I’ve had better quality and better tasting sushi for a similar price. I probably will not be returning to O Shima any time soon.

O Shima Japanese Cuisine
1448-A 17th Ave SW
Calgary, AB

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