Brunch @ Union Station Taphouse & Grill – Calgary, AB

A couple of weekends ago when my friends asked me to choose a place for brunch, I suggested Union Station Taphouse & Grill mainly because we wanted a place where we could sit back, enjoy our brunch, and hang out for a little bit.  Most diners around town would not fit the bill as there would be easily an hour wait for a table and we would be rushed out the door as soon as we’re done due to the lineups. This was my first time having brunch at Union Station so I wasn’t sure what to expect food-wise. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the food was.

I ordered the Belgian Waffles ($9). The waffles were topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit. The waffles were light and fluffy. I was surprised at how large the portion was.  If I was craving something sweet, I would definitely order these waffles again.

My friend ordered the French Toast ($9). The bread was dipped in a cinnamon egg batter and fried to a golden brown.. The French Toast, like my Belgian Waffles, were topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit. I had a taste of the french toast. Personally, I thought it was a little on the heavy and dense side.  Between the waffles and the French toast, I much prefer the waffles as they were much lighter. However, my friend did enjoy the French toast so it’s a matter of personal preference.

My other friends ordered different versions of Eggs Benny. One had the New York Eggs Benedict  ($12) which consisted of poached eggs and corned beef on an English muffin and topped with hollandaise. The other had the Florentine Eggs Benedict ($12) which consisted of poached eggs with spinach and capicollo ham atop an English muffin. The Eggs Benny were served with crispy hash browns.  I had a taste of the New York Eggs Benedict and thought it had a nice balance of flavours. I thought the hollandaise was quite tasty. I also liked the crispness of the hash browns.

Overall, I enjoyed my brunch experience at Union Station. We sat on “The Grill” side on this occasion. The service was adequate although slightly slow at times. This may have been due to there being only one server for the entire “Grill” section that morning. I liked that we were able to walk in and get a table right away. This is the perfect place to go for brunch if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to line up at the typical diners. The food was fresh and tasty.  The portions were fairly large and the prices reasonable. Being a neighbourhood pub, the atmosphere is casual and relaxed.  I’d definitely like to go back and try out some of their other brunch items.


Union Square Taphouse & Grill
2118 33 Avenue
Calgary, AB

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