Dim Sum @ Hong Kong Lounge – San Francisco, CA

I wanted to go for Dim Sum at Hong Kong Lounge in the Richmond District of San Francisco because I had heard that it was one of the best dim sum places in the San Francisco area and also because I had heard that they serve Chiu Chow style Taro Root Cake. Interestingly enough, this dish is actually not that common. I tried it for the first time at Koi Garden in Dublin, California a couple of years back.  Besides Koi Garden and its sister restaurants, Hong Kong Lounge is the only other place I know of that serves this item. I’ve even tried looking for it when I’m in Vancouver, British Columbia and I have yet to come across it.

The Sautéed Taro Root Cake ($4.95) at Hong Kong Lounge was slightly different from the version at Koi Garden. I’m not sure which version I like better as both tasted very good. I think the version at Koi Garden has a hint of five spice whereas this version didn’t. This taro root cake from Hong Kong Lounge was flavourful and firm with a light crispy batter on the outside. It was topped with dried shrimp and diced scallions. All in all, it was a very successful dish and I’d definitely order it again.

In addition to the taro root cake, we also ordered a few other items.  We ordered the Salt & Pepper Calamari ($4.95). This was easily the most tender salt & pepper calamari I’ve ever had. The batter was light and crisp and was actually a little similar to the batter on the taro root cake. I just wish that the dish was more spicy as I could barely taste the heat at all. Other than that, I really enjoyed it.

We ordered the Steamed Pork Ribs ($2.95). This dish was just ok. I couldn’t taste much of the black bean and it wasn’t very flavourful. I’d probably skip this dish next time and try something else.

For dessert, we had the Deep Fried Egg Puffs  ($2.50) which are also known as “Dan san” in Chinese (it directly translates as “Egg Shatters”). Egg Puffs are typically drizzled with either honey or malt syrup.  These Egg Puffs have an interesting texture. They are crispy and light on the outside yet soft on the inside.

Overall, I thought the dim sum at Hong Kong Lounge was very good quality and better than most places.  The service was quite good. We went on a weekday and only had to wait a few minutes for a table. I can only imagine how busy it gets on weekends. I’d definitely would go back to Hong Kong Lounge on my next trip to San Francisco if I were craving good quality dim sum.

Hong Kong Lounge
5322 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 668-8836

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2 Responses to Dim Sum @ Hong Kong Lounge – San Francisco, CA

  1. grayelf says:

    So impressed you are posting about SF while on your next eating trip :-). Now I’m craving egg puffs!

    • miss.foodie says:

      I’m so behind with my posting. I can’t seem to post fast enough… You can probably get egg puffs here in Vancouver at places like Kirin or Sun Sui Wah.

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