Ray’s Sushi – Hayward, CA

My friend who lives in the Central Valley had raved about Ray’s Sushi. He told me this was his new favourite sushi place and that the sushi at Ray’s were gigantic and fresh. Normally, I’m care more about quality than quantity but I was curious to try Ray’s anyways to see what the hype as about.

On this occasion, we decided to get our food to go. We called our order in. We ordered the Hamachi Kama and they asked what size we wanted – small or large. Since there were three of us eating, we figured large would be good. We also ordered the Tornado Roll, the Golden Eye Roll, and the Deluxe Sushi Combo. When we showed up to pick up the order, we were told that the Hamachi Kama was not ready yet as it normally takes 40 minutes to prepare.  At that point, I began wondering what kind of fish takes that long to prepare and just exactly how big is this large order. Not only that, but our bill come out to over $80. I had recalled my friend saying that Ray’s was pretty inexpensive for sushi so $80 isn’t exactly inexpensive for two rolls, a sushi combo, and a large order of Hamachi Kama.  As it turns out, the large order of Hamachi Kama alone was $34.95.  As a side note, while we were waiting for the Hamachi Kama, I noticed on the menu board that the Hamachi Kama actually comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large.  Oops, I guess the person who took our order over the phone forgot to inform us that a medium size was actually available. Furthermore, I guess they didn’t know that the large order would take 40 minutes to prepare as we were told our food would be ready in 20 minutes.

When I opened the packaging for the Hamachi Kama ($34.95), I was in for a surprise!  I wasn’t exactly expecting to see the whole fish head, eyeball and all. It’s not that the fish head is shocking to me because I’ve had Chinese whole steamed fish with the head and all. But all the times I’ve had Hamachi Kama, it’s always just been the collar of the yellowtail, which is the triangular-shaped meaty part behind the head and gill plates surrounding the pectoral fin. This is the first time I’ve been served the collar with the fish head attached. The only good thing from this is that we got to eat the cheek part as well. But for what we got, I thought the price was over the top.  For the price we were charged for the large order, I was expecting maybe two pieces of the collar instead of a half side of the fish head along with a piece of collar. I definitely didn’t think what we got was worth $34.95. Taste-wise, it was good. The meat was succulent and juicy as Hamachi Kama should be.

The Tornado Roll (~$10) was a creative roll which consisted of tempura fried white fish on the inside and a seafood sunomono on top. Personally, I’m a traditionalist when it comes to sushi and I just didn’t get this roll. The roll tasted fine but it was a bit strange to me. I actually would have preferred to have the seafood sunomono on the side and eat it separately. The sunomono on its own was actually pretty tasty but I thought the sunomono on top actually made the roll soggy. Also, the cooked white fish inside the roll didn’t work for me either. Some people love this roll but this just wasn’t for me.

The Golden Eye Roll ($11.95) consisted of a California roll topped with scallop, tobiko, scallions and then baked. The scallops were tasty and I liked the popping of the tobiko in every bite.  But again, being a traditionalist, I didn’t really get the concept of the baked roll and thought that overall, the roll was drenched in sauce and mayo.  It was ok but I didn’t think it had any wow factor. I thought at least it tasted better than the Tornado Roll.

I didn’t end up trying any of the nigiri in the Sushi Deluxe combo as I was full already from the Hamachi Kama and a couple of pieces of the rolls.  Overall, from what I tried, I thought Ray’s Sushi was just ok. At least the ingredients were fresh but I’m not sure how authentic the food really is. I’m not sure their creative rolls are my style either. I definitely wasn’t impressed with what they served as the Hamachi Kama and how much they charged for it. I might give them a second chance and just try their nigiri next time.

Ray’s Sushi
888 W A St
(between Hesperian Blvd & Mission Blvd)
Hayward, CA 94541
(510) 887-0701

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