JoJo’s BBQ – Calgary, AB

JoJo’s BBQ is a food “chariot” that is located in the parking lot of Barbecues Galore on Edmonton Trail NE. It’s located in the industrial part of town but I guess it totally makes perfect sense to have a BBQ food “truck” in the parking lot of a BBQ equipment store.

I was excited to try JoJo’s BBQ when I found out owner, Jody Barned was formerly the “Pit Boss-Lady” and “BBQ Queen” of Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club. I was a huge fan of Palomino’s back in the day. My favourite items were the garlic fries and the slow smoked chicken. Despite the wet weather, my coworkers and I headed there for lunch a couple of days ago. Since there was really no place to sit, we just sat and ate in the car.

We ordered several items to try. My coworker ordered the Smoked Slice Brisket Sandwich ($7). He said that the sliced brisket was very tender and tasty but there was not enough smokiness in the meat.

The Corn Fritters ($4), with 6 per order, were definitely the star of the show.  The corn fritters reminded me a lot of falafels except these are made with cornmeal and real corn kernels instead. The fritters were crispy on the outside but moist and toothsome on the inside. All of us agreed that these were our favourite item of the day based on what we had tried. I can’t wait to go back to get a full order of these all to myself!

My coworkers also ordered the Jalapeno Fries ($4). It just basically consisted of regular fries tossed with some minced jalapenos. I had a taste of these and thought they were meh. I could only taste the minced jalapenos in a few bites of fries. The rest was pretty plain. I’d much prefer the Garlic Fries over the Jalapeno Fries. My coworkers and I agreed that these were a miss and we won’t be ordering these Jalapeno fries again.

I ordered the a snack rack of Smoked St. Louis Ribs ($7). The snack rack consisted of 4 bones and that was already a lot of food for me. The regular rack ($13) consists of 8 bones and Full-on rack ($18) consists of 12 bones. These ribs were not “fall off the bone” style but they were still pretty tender. I was impressed that I could really taste the smokiness in the ribs. I just wish they were a little bit more juicy and tender.  Overall, I thought the ribs were pretty tasty and I’d definitely order them again.

And of course, I ordered the Garlic Fries ($4). The Garlic Fries consisted of regular fries tossed in minced garlic that’s been sautéed in butter. The Garlic Fries were as tasty as the ones I used to have at Palomino’s. I just wish there was a bit more of the sautéed garlic. I used to ask for extra garlic on the fries at Palomino’s so on my next visit to JoJo’s I’ll see if I can ask for extra garlic on the fries.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with JoJo’s BBQ. I’d definitely be back for the corn fritters, garlic fries, and ribs. I’m also curious to try other menu items like the Griddle Mac N’ Cheese. JoJo’s definitely serves up some serious Southern BBQ. I now know where to go to get my BBQ fill in Calgary!

JoJo’s BBQ
3505 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB

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4 Responses to JoJo’s BBQ – Calgary, AB

  1. Lindsay says:

    Mmmm, I’ve been meaning to go there for a while. I’ll definitely try the corn fritters when I go. Do you know what kind of hours they’re open? I checked their website and it doesn’t say.

    • miss.foodie says:

      I think it’s best if you follow her on fb or twitter. She tweets quite a bit. According to her tweet on June 9, the hours are “rain or shine! Tuesday thru Sunday 11-3/4ish!”. She’s closed on Mondays. Last week, she closed on Sunday as well due to weather but she did tweet about it.

      • Lindsay says:

        Hahaha, I guess that means I need to sign up for twitter. 🙂

        • miss.foodie says:

          Well, I guess in some ways twitter is part of “food cart” culture… We’re lucky that for now she’s at the same location every day… in some cities like SF, the food carts roam around and you have to follow them on twitter to know where they are going to be at on a given day.

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