Fuji Yama Japanese Restaurant – Calgary, AB

UPDATE as of March 19, 2013: There has been a change of ownership at this Fuji Yama location on 5th Avenue SW. This location has been sold and been renamed to Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant. The Fuji Yama location on 17th Avenue SW still remains.

I decided to give Fuji Yama a try for dinner at the original downtown location. I frequently go there for lunch because it’s within walking distance of the downtown core and the food is decent and prices are reasonable.

On this occasion, we ordered the Sushi Nigiri Combo ($16.75), which included soup, salad, 8 pieces of nigiri, and one roll. We also ordered the Chirashi Don ($13.95), which consisted of assorted sashimi on top of a bowl of rice. The sushi and sashimi were fresh and tasty. The rice was well-prepared and held together nicely when we picked up the individual pieces of nigiri sushi and rolls.  I thought this was really good value for Calgary standards considering the quality and portion size.

From the cooked menu, we tried the Beef  & Chicken Kushiage ($9.25), which consisted of 2 skewers each of tempura battered chicken and beef topped with teriyaki sauce served over a bed of rice with a side salad.  Between the Chicken and Beef Kushiage, I thought the Chicken tasted better as the meat was juicy and tender. The beef was a little bit on the chewy side.

Overall, I thought our meal at Fuji Yama was quite tasty. In my opinion, it is significantly better than the meal we had at O Shima Japanese Cuisine a while back. The fish at Fuji Yama was fresh and had a glistening appearance. The portions were decent and this was plenty of food for the three of us. All things considered, I thought it was great value and quality relative to the price. I’d definitely go back to Fuji Yama again.

Fuji Yama Japanese Restaurant
118 5 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 266-1068


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