Bairro Traditional Flame Grilled Chicken – Calgary, AB

After a reading a recent post on the foodosophy blog about Bairro Flame Grilled Chicken, I decided to make the trek across town to check it out. I’ve been in search of good fried chicken in Calgary, especially spicy fried chicken.  When I was travelling in the US, I fell in love with Popeye’s Fried Chicken, especially the spicy version.

I was really hoping Bairro would be able to satisfy my spicy fried chicken cravings. Foodosopher had said on his post “because they dust and batter each batch of chicken to order, they are able to adjust the seasoning. [He] asked for them to spice up the seasoning with some heat. The result? Spicy fried chicken that is perfectly balanced. Easily the best [he’s] had in Calgary.

The menu at Bairro is quite diverse. They offer both flame grilled chicken with peri peri sauce (similar concept to Nando’s) and fried chicken.  One could get just the chicken only or combo meals with fries or side dishes such as coleslaw or spicy rice. On this visit, I decided to order 2 pieces of fried chicken only ($3.95).  I specifically asked if they could make my fried chicken spicy but was told that it was not possible. Instead, the staff offered me a container of hot peri peri sauce on the side. This peri peri sauce normally doesn’t come with the fried chicken. It is meant to go with the flame grilled chicken.

My order arrived fairly quickly as the place was not very busy. The chicken was warm, but not “fresh-out-of-the-fryer” hot. Most likely the chicken was fried ahead of time, perhaps in anticipation of a busy lunch hour as I had arrived around 2pm. But it definitely wasn’t dusted, battered, and fried to order.  I’m not sure also if it was because I was ordering such a small quantity that they didn’t make it fresh to order. In any case, I found the meat to be a bit on the dry side. I liked that the skin was fairly crispy and not greasy. The house made peri peri sauce was delicious! It had quite a spicy kick to it. What I liked about the sauce was that it wasn’t just hot. Instead, it had a depth of flavour to it. The peri peri sauce definitely went well together with the fried chicken and helped to kick it up a notch.

That being said, I still wish that they would be willing spice up the seasoning in the batter with some heat. I’m not sure what’s the secret behind it or what the magic words are, but I wasn’t able to convince them to do so.  Perhaps, I have to order a larger quantity or maybe this option is only available to their regular customers. But sadly, I didn’t have any luck so I’m still in search of a place that makes really good spicy fried chicken in Calgary.

Bairro – Traditional Flame Grilled Chicken
B1 – 1919 31 St SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 984-2604

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