Banh Mi @ Pho Chu The – Calgary, AB

Pho Chu The is tucked away on the main floor of an apartment building on Macleod Trail. I’ve driven past this building many times and have never noticed it. A couple of weeks ago, my coworker told me that the banh mi (Vietnamese submarine) from Pho Chu The is one of the best he’s had in Calgary and rivals the ones from Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine. Up until this point, Thi Thi has been my go-to place for banh mi so I was curious about how the ones from Pho Chu The stack up.

Pho Chu The offers three varieties of banh mi – satay beef, satay chicken, and bbq pork. The banh mi are $6.25 each. On this visit, I went with the satay chicken one. I was really impressed with the flavours of the satay chicken banh mi. The sauce that they use at Pho Chu The is interesting and complex. It was creamy but not that spicy and I could taste lemongrass. This was unlike any other sauce I’ve had on satay banh mi. The sauce at Thi Thi’s is spicier, not creamy, and does not contain lemongrass. What I also liked about Pho Chu The’s banh mi was the bread. It was crusty on the outside yet very soft on the inside. For the most part, the chicken pieces were pretty tender although I did find the odd piece here and there that was a little on the chewy side. What’s also different between this sub and the one from Thi Thi is that this one doesn’t have cheese where as the one from Thi Thi’s does. Overall, I thought this satay chicken banh mi was pretty tasty. Because this one tastes quite different from Thi Thi’s I’m not sure which one I like better.  Thi Thi’s satay banh mi has a brighter flavour whereas the one from Pho Chu The has a more complex flavour. I’d definitely go back to Pho Chu The again for their banh mi. Next time I’m going to check out their the satay beef banh mi.

Pho Chu The
#108, 4633 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-3455

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5 Responses to Banh Mi @ Pho Chu The – Calgary, AB

  1. Lindsay says:

    I haven’t heard of this place either. I will definitely have to check out their satay beef sub, as that is my go-to when it comes to vietnamese subs. I also like the mystery cold cut kind too, but I only order that when a satay option is unavailable.

  2. Tatiana says:

    I’ve never heard of this place either, I will totally check it out as I’m continually sad at the lack of Vietnamese sub places down south.

  3. Elsie Hui says:

    Good to know about this place! Thanks! I often crave a Viet sub, and then find myself driving to Chinatown! I can’t wait to try, as it’s closer to home for me!

  4. Thu_Tinh says:

    What people tend to not realize, the best part of banh mi is the bread. There are many places that feel they can use any old bread they find and it’s okay for banh mi – sooo wrong. The one you described here is the way it should be!

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