100% Healthy Dessert – Richmond, BC

Though the online reviews have been mixed for 100% Healthy Desserts, it has been a favourite of mine. I’ve been there a few times now since my friend first took me there early last year. 100% Healthy Dessert is a Hong Kong style dessert house tucked away in a strip mall across the street from the Richmond Public Market.

One of my favourite items at this dessert house is the Mango Gi Gi ($4.95). It consists of mango chunks, sago, and pomelo in mango cream. I like that this dessert is not too sweet. It has just the right amount of sweetness from the mangoes. I also like it is very light and not too filling. To me, this is the perfect dessert to have after a big, filling meal. There are many variations of the Mango Gi Gi. My friend ordered the Mango Gi Gi with Aloe Vera ($5.50). As the name suggests, this dessert consists of the basic Mango Gi Gi  along with some chunks of aloe vera jelly. I had a taste of it and really enjoyed the aloe vera chunks. It added a new flavour dimension to the regular Mango Gi Gi.

Another variation of the Mango Gi Gi is the Cold Noodle with Mango Gi Gi Soup ($5.95). The cold noodles have a very interesting texture. I’m not sure exactly what it is made of but it has the taste and texture of young coconut meat. 100% Healthy Dessert is the only place I know of that serves this dessert noodle in the Vancouver area. I like that the noodle has a bouncy chew to it.

My other favourite dessert here is the Macau Pudding de Cream ($4.50). This dessert is also sometimes known as Serradura or Macanese Sawdust Pudding. This dessert is actually really simple but it actually tastes amazingly good. It consists of biscuit crumbs in between layers of sweetened vanilla whipped cream. I’m not sure what they put in the whipped cream but it reminds me of tiramisu except without the coffee though I’m pretty sure it doesn’t contain mascarpone cheese.

There are traditional baked desserts at 100% Healthy Dessert as well. My friend ordered the Taro Baked Pudding ($4.95).  This is basically baked sago pudding with taro chunks on the bottom instead of the typical red bean paste. This pudding was just ok. We didn’t find many chunks of taro at the bottom. With the couple that we did find, the taro was a little on the hard and crunchy side whereas we were expecting it to be soft and toothsome with a texture similar to baked potato.

Though I’m not sure if all of the desserts are 100% healthy as the name of this place suggests, I can say that most of the ones I’ve tried are pretty tasty. Personally, I would go there for the Mango Gi Gi or some variation of it. If I had enough room in my tummy, I would get the Cold Noodles with Mango Gi Gi Soup as I think they are a unique dessert. If I was craving something different, I would go with the Macau Pudding although I’m pretty sure this one is not a healthy dessert. Interestingly enough, this place is not overly busy. I’ve never had a problem getting a table right away the couple of times I’ve been there.

100% Healthy Dessert
8291 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC
(604) 214-9891

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5 Responses to 100% Healthy Dessert – Richmond, BC

  1. fmed says:

    I really like this place too. (And so do my kids!)

    • miss.foodie says:

      Have you tried Bubble Fruity? I’m curious how they compare. I wanted to try them last time while I was in town but they were closed for vacation. So I ended up at 100% Healthy twice in the same week since they was close by. I’ve heard Bubble Fruity has something similar to the mango gi gi.

      • fmed says:

        We are split 50/50 between the two. My 13 yo likes Bubble Fruity better and my 10 yo likes Healthy better. They do have a number of mango/sago custards there – I don’t recall seeing a noodle dessert, though. I usually just order the coconut/sago cream. Plain – but it is a good yardstick to measure by.

        • miss.foodie says:

          Thanks for the intel. I’ll be sure to check them out next time I’m in town. Btw, if you happen to go to San Fran, you should check out Creations Dessert in the Richmond district. I wrote a post about them. The mango mochi were amazing! I don’t even know if anyone in Vancouver makes mango mochi.

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