Omakase #2 @ Sushi Kimura – Vancouver, BC

UPDATE: As of May 1, 2012, Sushi Kimura has been sold and Kimura-san is no longer the chef there.

I was so impressed with the Omakase meal that I had during my first visit to Sushi Kimura back in January that I made sure I found time in my schedule to go back again during my recent trip to Vancouver back in May. It didn’t take much to convince my foodie friend, Grayelf and her SO to join us for Omakase as they both love this place as well. We called ahead to make reservations and asked to sit at the bar. I really enjoy sitting at the bar watching Kimura-san in action. To me, it’s actually part of the Omakase experience to watch him prepare our whole meal course by course, assembling each dish with precision.

On this visit, for the first course, we started off with a Calamari Salad. It consisted of spring greens tossed in a light vinaigrette, topped with slices of tender calamari, and garnished with arare, which are the crispy micro balls the size of snow pellets.  These little crispy pellets are like the Japanese version of Rice Krispies. This was my favourite part as they added texture to the salad. The grape tomato added a contrasting burst of flavour and sweetness to the dish.

Our next course was the Agedashi Tofu. It was served in a mild broth and topped with grated daikon and finely chopped green onion. I thought this dish was just ok. The tofu was a little firmer than I’m used to and I wish the broth had a stronger flavour.

Our third course was Tuna Tataki with Roasted Shisito Peppers. This was by far my favourite dish of the evening. The tuna tataki slices were well-seasoned and flavourful. I really enjoyed the presentation of this dish. Two of the slices were served in a “boat” of endive. The endive provided a nice crunchy contrast to the tuna. The third piece of tuna was served with a thicker sweet soy based sauce. I also loved the flavours of grilled shisito peppers. They were a nice contrast to the tuna tataki.

Our next course was a roulade of Dover Sole. The bacon wrapped roulade of sole was stuffed with sautéed crispy black mushrooms and foie gras. The sauce was made of dijon mustard and egg yolk. This dish was served with sautéed vegetables – sugar snap peas, shanghai bok choy, and cauliflower. The dish was garnished with a dollop of smashed avocado and fresh cracked pepper. Overall, I did enjoy this dish although I couldn’t taste much of the foie gras. I liked the contrasting flavours and textures. The vegetables were cooked to perfection. The dijon mustard sauce helped to bring out the flavours in the roulade.

For our fifth course, we had Sakamushi. This dish consisted of manila clams steamed in a sake broth. The flavours were very delicate and light.  This dish was tasty but personally, I thought the mussels in miso broth that I had during my first visit were more memorable.

Our next course consisted of Spare Ribs with Crispy Potatoes. The roasted spare ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender and flavourful. They were well-marinated with a slightly sweet sauce. The Yukon gold potatoes were perfectly roasted – they were crispy on the outside and fluffy and buttery on the inside.

To finish off our meal before dessert, we each had a couple of pieces of nigiri sushi. We were each served a piece of sunazuri (also known as hamachi toro or belly of yellowtail) along with a piece of uni sushi.  The sunazuri was amazing! It just melted in my mouth. I’m usually already a huge fan of hamachi but this tasted even better. It was so buttery and smooth. The uni was potent and creamy. These two pieces of nigiri sushi were so decadent. They were the perfect way to finish off our meal.

Like always, we finished off with ice cream for dessert.  We had a choice of green tea, mango, or black sesame ice cream. I chose the black sesame as it is not as readily available to me.  As usual, the black sesame ice cream was tasty and not overly sweet.  I really enjoy the nuttiness of the black sesame.

Overall, this was another great omakase experience at Sushi Kimura. To me, I think to be able to get omakase at $30 a person is phenomenal value. I may not always love every single dish, but in general, I leave with fond memories of some outstanding dishes. I can’t wait to go back for omakase again. So far, on both visits, I’ve had a completely different set of dishes on each visit with no repeats.  I’m curious as to what dishes I’ll get to try for my next omakase experience at Sushi Kimura.

Sushi Kimura
3883 Rupert Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 569-2198

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