Fries & Dolls Food Truck – Calgary, AB

The day after the official Food Truck Launch by the Telus Convention Centre, a couple of the Food Trucks congregated at Riverwalk in the East Village for lunch service. I had initially attempted to go to the Food Truck Launch but due to the huge line ups, my co-workers and I abandoned the idea.  When I saw the tweet about the Food Trucks being at Riverwalk the next day, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check out a few trucks that I hadn’t tried yet. It was a bonus that Riverwalk was a short walk from my office. When I first arrived, there were only 3 trucks – Chef Mario’s Pimentos Mobile Pizzeria, Fries & Dolls Truck, and Fiasco Gelato Truck. I decided to try Fries & Dolls as I had already tried pizza from Chef Mario’s Mobile Pizzeria last summer.

Initially, I had wanted to try Daisy Duke which consisted of either a smokie or all-beef sausage topped with chipotle mayo, Stampede BBQ sauce & cheese served on a bun. Unfortunately, the Dolls were having issues with their grill that day and was not able to properly cook the sausage. Hence, only fries were available that day during lunch service. I ended up ordering a small order (16 oz or “B cup”) of the Marianne & Ginger ($6.50). The Marianne & Ginger consisted of sweet potato fries tossed with Cajun spice and served with a chipotle mayo aioli. These sweet potato fries were perfectly crispy with a bit of heat from the Cajun spice. I could have used quite a bit more spice on the fries but considering they are catering to the average folk, the level of heat was just fine. These sweet potato fries tasted really good with the chipotle mayo. To me, the small order was just the perfect amount to have on its own. There is no way I would have been able to finish the large order.

My co-worker ended up ordering a large order (32 oz or “D” cup) of the Sophia ($7.50). It consisted of normal fries tossed with truffle oil and Grana Padano Parmesan.  He was given a choice of either chipotle mayo or ketchup to go with the fries and he chose the chipotle mayo. I loved the taste of the Sophia fries. I could really taste the truffle oil and I thought it went really well together with the parmesan. To me, these fries were more flavourful than the sweet potato fries that I ordered. I’d definitely order these next time!

My co-worker and I ended up sharing both orders so we could have some variety. Still, I thought it was quite a bit of fries for me in one sitting.  We didn’t have much choice that day as the Los Compadres Mexican Truck didn’t show up until we were almost through with our fries. In the future, I’d probably just want to share a order of these fries and get something else as my main lunch item. Don’t get me wrong, these fries are really tasty. It was just a little too much carbs for me.  It would probably have worked out better if I had managed to get the sausage in a bun and then just share a small order of the fries. All in all, it was still a tasty experience with one of the new Food Trucks!


Fries & Dolls Food Truck

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