Fiasco Gelato Truck – Calgary, AB

After having fries for lunch from the Fries & Dolls Truck that day at Riverwalk in the East Village, gelato was the perfect way to end the meal.  I think it’s great the trucks congregate together sometimes to make it convenient for customers to get a variety of tasty items from different trucks to make a meal out of it.  Also, the variety from the different trucks helps to ensure that there is something suitable for everyone when you go with a small group of friends or family.  I hope one day the Food Truck movement here gets big enough that we could have something similar to Off The Grid at Fort Mason in San Francisco where a bunch of trucks congregate at the same set location weekly during certain times and it becomes a destination event that people look forward to go to. I’m hoping Riverwalk might become that place one day. Personally, I think it’s got the perfect set up with lots of space for the trucks to park and benches for people to sit and enjoy the tasty food.

Anyways, back to the gelato. I’ve heard that the Fiasco Gelato Truck may be one of the few or possibly even the only gelato truck with a built-in display case for the gelato. I’ve been a fan of Fiasco ever since they opened on 17th Ave SW back in 2004.  I was really sad when they decided to close all their retail outlets. I’m sure glad they are back and it’s even better now they are mobile!

I decided to get the regular size gelato ($6), which allowed me to choose up to 3 flavours. A small size is also available for $4.50 and I believe you can choose up to 2 flavours. For the 3 flavours, I chose Wild BC Blueberry, Strawberry Balsamic, and of course, Mango Creme Brulee, since I love all things mango. Of the 3 flavours, I thought the Wild BC Blueberry was the winner. I could taste the freshness of the fruit in the gelato. The Strawberry Balsamic was an interesting twist to typical strawberry gelato. I liked that it was slightly tart. To my surprise, the Mango Creme Brulee was not my favourite, even though I’m a huge mango fan.  The Mango Creme Brulee almost had a custard-like taste and was not very mangoey.  This container of gelato reminded me how good the gelato from Fiasco is. If it wasn’t for the calories, I’d be stalking the Fiasco Truck every day!  Besides gelato, the Fiasco Truck also serves dairy-free sorbetto, coffee, and waffles.


Fiasco Gelato Truck

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2 Responses to Fiasco Gelato Truck – Calgary, AB

  1. Elsie Hui says:

    I love our street food – food trucks! 🙂 They make me so happy! Your gelato looks delicious! I failed to get some of their Pumpkin Spiced one… My fingers were too cold for Gelato and I’m still regretting it!

    • miss.foodie says:

      Fiasco is definitely my favourite gelato in Calgary. Hope you got to try the PB&J last month. That was my new fav along with the Wild Blueberry. I hope to catch them one more time over the next few days before they shut down for winter.

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