Visit #2 @ Alley Burger Food Truck – Calgary, AB

Recently, the Alley Burger Food Truck had been running dinner service out of the Vinci parking lot on the corner of 10 Avenue and 5 Street SW for a couple of consecutive nights. Earlier this week when my dinner plans got cancelled at the last minute, it was the perfect opportunity for me to attempt the Alley Burger Food Truck again as I happen to be in the area. I was hoping to try the Alley Burger this time as up until this point, it had still eluded me (they were sold out last time). I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was just hoping there wasn’t going to be 100 people in line again like my first experience with the Alley Burger Food Truck a couple of weeks ago. I certainly wasn’t willing to wait almost 3 hours in line again.

Fortunately this time when I arrived, there were only about 20 people in line and the truck was not quite ready to serve food yet.  After a couple of minutes, the truck was ready for service. I could see the Alley Burger team has tried hard to improve the overall customer experience by streamlining the ordering process to reduce the wait times. Unlike my previous experience, this time while waiting in line a pad of order sheets was passed down the line.  Each person in line was expected to fill out an order sheet indicating the kind of burger, the number of patties, the kind of toppings for each burger, size of fries, etc. This helped to speed things up immensely. By the time each customer got up to the window, all the staff had to do was tally up the order sheet, put in the order, and collect the cash. This was a stark contrast to my previous experience where customers were still trying to decide what to order by the time they got up to the window.  By saving probably at least a minute if not more per customer with this new ordering process multiplied by the number of customers in line, this was a significant improvement!  We only waited about 20 minutes before it was our turn to put in our order.

I finally got to try the Original Alley Burger ($5 for a small/single patty; $8 for a regular/2 patties). I ordered the single patty version.  The Original Alley Burger consisted of a Spragg Farm’s Pork and Roasted Garlic Sausage patty that was topped with Quebec Cheese Curds and a Piri Piri Aioli. The patty tasted like sausage except without the casing and was very flavourful and tender. I liked the taste of the Piri Piri Aioli but I wish there was more of the melted cheese curds.  Overall, the burger was very tasty but to me, it didn’t have the wow factor. Perhaps because of the hype, I was expecting something more.  Personally, I thought the burger I tasted at CHARCUT was better. But mind you, that was a $17 burger!  Considering this burger was only $5, I would definitely have this burger again instead of burgers from the typical fast food chains as I know the Alley Burger is made with quality ingredients. Although I wouldn’t say that this was the best burger I ever ate, it was definitely the best $5 burger I ever ate.

My friend and I also shared an order of the Poutine ($7.52). The fries in the poutine, which were deep fried in duck fat, were just as crispy and flavourful as the ones I tasted previously. The cheese curds were really soft. I would have preferred the cheese curds to be more squeaky. Overall, I thought the Poutine was ok. It is definitely one of the better versions of poutine available here in Calgary but I don’t think it is as good as the poutine that I’ve had in Montreal.

Overall, I had a great experience with the Alley Burger Food Truck this time.  I’m so glad that they have streamlined the ordering process to reduce the wait times.  I’m happy I finally got to try the elusive Alley Burger.  Between this visit and my previous one, my favourite items are the Original Alley Burger and the duck fat fries. I can’t wait to eat them again now that I know the wait times are manageable.


Alley Burger Food Truck

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