Seoul BBQ Restaurant – Calgary, AB

I’ve been to Seoul BBQ Restaurant on Macleod Trail  several times now over the past few years. This place has always been a favourite of mine as the service has always been excellent. I’ve been there for the All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ, which they offer on a few nights each week. I’ve also tried their BBQ Combination Dinner Sets for 2-3 people. On this occasion, I decided to go there with my family for a late lunch.

We ordered the Seafood Pancake ($9.99) to start. This dish is often known as “pajeon”. It consisted of a pancake made with green onion and squid pieces and was served with a slightly sweet dipping sauce. While I wouldn’t say that this is the most amazing pajeon I ever had, it was pretty good for Calgary standards. The most memorable pajeon that I’ve had thus far was at Ohgane in Oakland, California. We can’t really compare as the Korean population is much larger in the San Francisco Bay area. I liked that this Seafood Pancake was slightly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with lots of green onion and squid.

For our mains, we shared an order of the Marinated Beef Bulgogi ($14.99), which consisted of marinated sliced rib-eye with mushrooms and vegetables. The Beef Bulgogi order came with 5 types of banchan (side dishes), some rice, romaine lettuce leaves, and a small dish of gojuchang sauce. We also shared one of the Lunch Specials, which consisted of a Korean style lunch box with rice, salad, 2 kinds of kimchi, 2 kinds of banchan, and a choice of meat. The price of the lunch box specials vary depending on the choice of meat. For the meat choice, I chose the Marinated Beef Rib (Gal-bi) so the lunch box came out to $10.95.  They gave us the option of grilling the meat ourselves the table or having them grill it for us. We chose to have them grill it for us so we wouldn’t end up smelling like our lunch. As for the meat, we found the beef in the Beef Bulgogi to be a bit on the chewy side. We all loved the Marinated Beef Rib (Gal-bi) that was part of the lunch box as the meat was so tender and flavourful. I thought the lunch box special was great value, especially since the meat was so tasty. There was more than enough food for the 3 of us and it was great that we all go to try a little of everything.

The service on this visit was as good as always. Our server was friendly, prompt, and efficient. Our food came quickly and was fresh and hot. Even though we were there for a late lunch (around 2 pm), I was surprised the restaurant was actually quite busy, which is always a good sign. Seoul BBQ remains one of my favourite Korean restaurants in town.


Seoul BBQ Restaurant
4336 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 243-7970

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