Sidewalk Citizen Bakery – Calgary, AB

If it wasn’t for social media, I would never have heard about Sidewalk Citizen Bakery. I saw a tweet by a local blogger a couple of months back about how good Aviv Fried’s pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants) were. That tweet got my attention as I’m always on the look out for good pain au chocolat. I started following him (@avivfried) on twitter as he tweets about what’s coming out of the oven at his bakery every Friday and Saturday.  His baked goods are usually sold throughout the week at various places around town but on Fridays and Saturdays, you can go and visit his kitchen to pick up the bread and pastries. And on a few weekday mornings, he even has a “Cargo Bike Store” downtown on Stephen Avenue at 2 Street SW, where you can get his scones.

Last month, when Aviv tweeted that he had brioche buns with cherries and pastry cream coming out of the oven, I was determined to go and check it out. I’d never been to the bakery before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. As it turns out, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery is located in a fairly nondescript location. It is located in the industrial area not too far from Chinook Centre and there are very few retail shops nearby. If it wasn’t for actually looking up the address on their website, I would never have stumbled across it.

I picked up two of the brioche buns with cherries and pastry cream as they looked gorgeous. They contained a few cherries in the center but I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t taste much of the pastry cream.

I also got two of the blueberry-white chocolate scones. These were a definite winner!  They were my favourite out of the 3 items that I tried. I liked the fluffy texture of the scone. It were slightly sweet without being overly sweet.  I totally get why people have been raving about Aviv’s scones and why they are a big hit amongst the downtown crowd at their Cargo Bike Store. This blueberry-white chocolate scone is the perfect breakfast treat. It tastes so much better than the scones you can get at the typical coffee shop downtown.  I can’t wait to try some of his other scone flavours.

Lastly, I tried a danish with cherries.  It was delish! I liked that it wasn’t overly sweet.  The cherries tasted juicy and fresh. The pastry was buttery and crackly. And the pastry cream added just the right amount of sweetness. I would definitely get this again.

What’s neat about Sidewalk Citizen Bakery is that their repertoire of baked goods changes every week. The flavours of the scones and danishes change depending on what’s in season. I have yet to try the pain au chocolat as they were not available on the day I went. Their sticky buns look delish as well so that’s next on my list of items to try. It’s too bad the bakery location is only open two days of the week (Fridays and Saturdays) from around 10 am to 2 pm so that really limits my opportunities of going more frequently.


Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
#2, 5524 1A Street SW
Calgary, AB


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