Il Sogno – Calgary, AB

I’ve been meaning to try Il Sogno after reading many posts about their great food. A friend and I finally had the opportunity last week to try it for lunch.

After reading rave reviews about it, for an appetizer we decided to share an order of the Calamari ($13.99) with house made onion and rosemary bread. Since we were sharing it, they actually split the calamari casserole for us into separate plates which was a nice touch. I was really impressed with how tender the calamari was. It was easily the most tender calamari that I’ve ever had. I loved the briny niçoise olives, which added flavour and texture to the delicious cherry tomato sauce. I would definitely order this again on my next visit to Il Sogno.

For an entrée, my friend ordered the Gnocchi ($15.99). It was prepared Carbonara style with bacon, grana padano, black pepper parsley, and egg yolkI had a taste of it and loved the crispy bacon bits. The sauce was creamy, rich, and flavourful. The gnocchi were perfectly tender. I’m glad I got to taste how delicious this gnocchi was. If you love gnocchi, this is the dish for you!

I ordered a small order of the Lamb Meatballs ($9.99 for small; $13.99 for large). These slow cooked meatballs were served on top of creamy barley.  The lamb meatballs were finely ground and really tender. The creamy barley was perfectly al dente. The smooth tomato gravy contrasted the creamy barley nicely.

The service at Il Sogno was top-notch. Our server was very experienced and knew exactly when to show up at the table. She was there whenever we needed her. I really enjoyed her wine recommendation. She had recommended a glass of verdicchio each to go with our meals.  The wine was fruity, well-balanced, and paired nicely with the dishes we ordered.  Overall, the food and service certainly lived our to our expectations.


Il Sogno
24 4 Street NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 232-8901

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