Diner Deluxe – Calgary, AB

Diner Deluxe has been my favourite place in Calgary for breakfast/brunch ever since it opened back in 2001.  I’ve always loved it as I thought they did a great job putting a nice gourmet twist to regular breakfast fare.  The one thing I used to tell my friends about Diner Deluxe was that I was amazed at how consistent their food was. The dishes that I would order again and again would taste just as good as I remembered it each and every time. Over the years, I’ve tried almost every item on their breakfast/brunch menu and there wasn’t a dish that I didn’t enjoy. Diner Deluxe had been under the same original ownership until recently. When I heard about the change in ownership back in June of this year, I wondered whether there would be any changes because of the new ownership. I decided to wait a few months before trying it to let the new owners settle in. Finally a couple of weekends ago,  my friend and I decided to go there for breakfast on a Sunday morning. We arrived around 9:45 and I was surprised that we could get a table right away without having to wait.

My friend ordered the Two Eggs with Perfect Bacon or Sausage ($9.95). She chose pork sausage instead of bacon.  I had a taste of the sausage and both my friend and I commented that it was quite dry and dull in appearance. It appeared that the sausage may have been baked in the oven instead of fried. While I’m sure it would be healthier, it tasted meh. The hashbrowns were prepared differently and not as chunky as before. They didn’t taste as good as I remembered them to taste and didn’t have as much chopped green onion and spices. What I really enjoyed from this breakfast plate was the crispy multi-grain toast that was perfectly toasted.

I was relieved that the menu had not changed and my favourites were still available. I had an order of Urban Baker’s Chocolate Sourdough French Toast with Grilled Banana ($10.95). The Chocolate Sourdough French Toast was tasty and was pretty much the same as before although I did notice that the bread was much denser this time than in the past. I really like that the chocolate sourdough bread is not to sweet and has intense chocolate flavour. Diner Deluxe is one of the only breakfast places I know of that serves Chocolate Sourdough French Toast.

Deep down inside, I was really hoping the change in ownership would not be noticeable and everything would taste the same as it did before.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I’m sad that the Diner Deluxe I’ve come to love over the years under the original ownership is no more. Though the menu is still the same under the new ownership, the food that we tried on this visit wasn’t quite like what I remembered it to be. It is still decent breakfast fare and I might go back if I happen to be in the neighbourhood but it’s not something I would go out of my way to drive across town for like I did before.  I still like the Chocolate Sourdough French Toast. While it’s not quite as good as before, it is still pretty tasty and Diner Deluxe may be the only place that offers it.


Diner Deluxe
804 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 276-5499


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