Fish Tacos from Los Compadres Food Truck – Calgary, AB

I’ve been wanting to try the fish tacos from Los Compadres Food Truck for some time now. These fish tacos are not part of their regular menu and are only available once every couple of weeks. I missed the opportunity last month when Los Compadres first introduced them. When I heard that they were going to be in the Marda Loop area for lunch today and fish tacos were available, I decided to drive across town to check things out.

I’ll admit that I’m not a Mexican food expert. I’ve had fish tacos many times before but those may or may not have been authentic preparations. These Fish Tacos ($10 for 3 tacos) according to Los Compadres are prepared in authentic Mexican style. The corn tortillas were fresh and soft. The fish was flaked and drenched in a very spicy sauce and topped with diced sweet onion and cilantro. Personally, I would have preferred the fish in chunks instead of flaked. I thought these fish tacos were one-dimensional.  I would have liked some slaw or pico de gallo to provide some textural contrast. As well, I would want something creamy and maybe some citrus or acidity to balance out the spiciness.  The way these were presented, I wasn’t crazy about them. There was really only one way for me to describe them. Spicy.  But I did enjoy the flavour of the fresh corn tortillas. Other than that, I’m still on the hunt for good fish tacos here in Calgary. I’m not necessarily looking for authentic Mexican preparation. I’m just looking for tasty fish tacos. In the meantime, I’ll reminisce about the delicious Maui fish taco I had earlier this year from The Taco Guys Food Truck at the Off The Grid event in San Francisco.


Los Compadres Food Truck

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