Double Zero Pizza – Calgary, AB

Though I wasn’t too crazy about the appetizers we tried last time at Double Zero for Happy Hour, I was curious about their pizza so my friend and I decided to go back again.  To save room for pizza, we decided to order only a couple of the Happy Hour $5 appetizers to start. We wanted to try the remaining appetizers that we didn’t get to try last time.

We ordered the Marinated Local Beets ($5 for Happy Hour size; $12 for regular). As listed on the menu, the beets were served with goat cheese, grapefruit, basil, and pistachios. What really surprised us when it arrived was that it was presented as a salad, tossed with spinach leaves. I personally didn’t have a problem with this because I really enjoy spinach salads. However, I’m just surprised that such a major component of the dish was not listed on the menu. Actually, I’m finding more than once now that they don’t always list all the ingredients/components of a dish at Double Zero so you may be in for a bit of a surprise when the dish arrives. Nonetheless, this marinated beet salad was so delicious!  The beets were juicy, sweet, and tender. The sweetness and acidity from the grapefruit supremes (segments) provided a nice contrast to the creaminess of the goat cheese. The crunchy pistachios provided a nice nutty flavour. Both my friend and I agreed that this marinated beet salad was our favourite out of all the appetizers we’ve tasted at Double Zero.

Our second appetizer was the Calamari ($5 for Happy Hour size; $11 for regular). The crispy Calamari was topped with a creamy tomato dressing, green onions, and capersThe calamari was tender with a nice, light batter. I thought the batter could be a little bit more crispy but I liked that the salty capers provided a nice contrast to the creamy tomato dressing.  Out of all the appetizers I’ve tried at Double Zero, this was my third favourite, after the marinated beet salad and the speck.

Of course, we ordered the Shaved Speck ($5 for Happy Hour size; $13 for regular) again as we loved it so much last timeLike before, the Shaved Speck was served with a couple of wedges of focaccia and cherry tomato spread. The shaved speck had the usual smokiness although this time I thought the speck was a little more salty than last time. It was still tasty and is my second favourite after the marinated beet salad.

For a pizza, my friend and I shared the Speck with arugula and mozzarella ($16). Because my friend is lactose-intolerant we were limited in what pizzas we could choose. The nice thing about Double Zero is that lactose-free cheese is available. What impressed me further was that they were accommodating enough to use lactose-free cheese on half the pizza and regular Alberta mozzarella cheese for the other half since we were sharing.   Interestingly enough, the pizza crust was perfectly crispy and chewy but yet a different texture than the crust from other thin-crust pizza joints like Without Papers, Pulcinella, and UNA.  I really enjoyed the combination of the speck and the peppery arugula. The San Marzano tomato sauce provided a hint of sweetness to balance things out. The one thing I did notice though was that the Alberta mozzarella on my half of the pizza was a bit on the salty side. At first, I thought the saltiness was because of the speck. However, I later found out after having a few bites without the speck, that the crust with just the mozzarella and tomato sauce alone was still quite salty. Overall, I still enjoyed this pizza and would definitely order it again.

Our experience at Double Zero this time was a complete turn around compared to our first visit. On my previous visit, I was not enamored with most of the appetizers we had tried. But this time, I was impressed with all of the items we ordered and would not hesitate to order all of them again on my next visit. In fact, I loved the marinated beet salad so much that I can’t wait to go back to have it again!


Double Zero Pizza
751 4 Street SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 265-9559

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