Pho Thanh Vietnamese Noodle House – Calgary, AB

Pho Thanh has been my favourite place for beef pho in Northwest Calgary. Even though this eatery is technically located in the Northeast, it is the closest place for me to get a bowl of good pho in the Northwest without having to drive all the way downtown. Pho Thanh is located in the Hunterhorn area just east of Centre Street North. I’m well aware that there are many other Vietnamese eateries in the Northwest but I find the flavour of the beef broth to be much better at Pho Thanh.

On this visit, I ordered my usual favourite at Pho Thanh – a small order of the Pho Tai ($6.50 for Small; $7.50 for Large; $8.00 for Extra Large). The Pho Tai is the basic beef pho with slices of rare beef. As usual, the pho was served with crunchy raw sprouts, sprigs of thai basil, lime wedges, and a couple of chilies.  What keeps me coming back to Pho Thanh for the beef pho is the complexity of flavours in the beef broth. To me, this is one of the better beef pho I’ve tasted here in Calgary and they’ve been very consistent. The thinly sliced beef is always tender and the noodles cooked perfectly al dente.

The service at Pho Thanh is always quick and efficient. This visit was no exception. The restaurant was fairly busy when we arrived but we managed to get our food in no time. This was great as we were in a bit of a hurry this time.  All in all, Pho Thanh is quick, reliable, consistent, and serves up great tasting food for a reasonable price. That’s all I’m really looking for when I’m craving a bowl of pho.

Pho Thanh Vietnamese Noodle
6630 4 Street NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 295-0563

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