That Schnitzel Place – Calgary, AB

UPDATE as of March 2013: That Schnitzel Place has closed permanently.

That Schnitzel Place finally opened a couple of weeks ago in the spot that used to be the home to the now defunct Vienna Lux. My coworkers and I were really excited to try it out as we used to be huge fans of the schnitzel from Vienna Lux.  The new owners of That Schnitzel Place have updated both the decor and the menu. At That Schnitzel Place, you can now choose between four types of schnitzel – chicken breast, pork loin, top end sirloin, and fresh portobello mushroom. I wish they would also offer veal schnitzel as that used to be my favourite at Vienna Lux. Instead of just serving traditional schnitzel like Vienna Lux did before, That Schnitzel Place now offers a variety of modern twists to the traditional schnitzel, such as the Italian-inspired La Dolce Vita, the French-inspired Left Bank, German-inspired Autobahn, or the Greek-inspired Parthenon. They still offer the traditional schnitzel which they’ve named Olga’s Original.

My coworker ordered the La Dolce Vita ($9.75) version with chicken breast schnitzel. This sandwich consisted of two lightly breaded thin pieces of chicken breast that were pan-fried and topped with spicy Italian tomato sauce, provolone cheese, caramelized red onions, sautéed red and green peppers, and fresh arugula. My coworker commented that while this sandwich was quite tasty, he would have preferred fewer toppings so he could better taste the schnitzel.

Being the traditionalist, I wanted to try Olga’s Original ($9.75) with pork loin schnitzel as I thought the texture of the pork schnitzel would be the closest resemblance to veal in terms of texture so I could compare how this version stacks up with the previous one from Vienna Lux. This sandwich was topped with Hungarian tomato sauce, Havarti cheese, sautéed mushrooms, onions, red peppers, and Hungarian-style cabbage. Compared to the Wiener (veal) schnitzel from Vienna Lux previously, I thought the version from Vienna Lux tasted more authentic and the size of the bun and schnitzel were larger. Don’t get me wrong, the current version from That Schnitzel Place is still quite generous but it was not was large as Vienna Lux’s. I liked that the pork loin schnitzel was pan-fried till it was perfectly crispy on the outside and the meat was still juicy and tender on the inside. In terms of toppings, I would have preferred fewer toppings as I like to taste and enjoy the crispy schnitzel. This is more of a personal preference, but with so many toppings, I thought the schnitzel became a little lost amongst all the toppings. Overall, this was still a tasty sandwich and I would go back to That Schnitzel Place if I was craving some good schnitzel.

I was pretty impressed with the service at That Schnitzel Place, especially considering it was their first week of operations when we went. The format is still the same as before where you order at the counter and pick up your order when your number is called.  There was quite a line up when we first arrived but luckily the line moved quickly and our food was ready in a short time considering each sandwich was made to order.

That Schnitzel Place
821 4th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB

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5 Responses to That Schnitzel Place – Calgary, AB

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  2. Hey, that’s a great review. I didn’t realize Vienna Lux was also a schnitzel place. I guess I didn’t notice that place really until TSP took over and snazzed up the place. This is my new favourite hidden gem in yyc.

    • miss.foodie says:

      Yeah, I was really sad when Vienna Lux closed. That part of town gets really quiet in the evenings. I hope TSP will survive. I certainly like how they’ve snazzed up the place.

  3. Selina says:

    You can order your Schnitzel plain if you like, any toppings can be removed or substituted. Try the Chuckwagon, my fave!

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