TacoFino Cantina Food Truck – Vancouver, BC

Fish tacos have been on my mind ever since I tried the fish tacos from Los Compadres Food Truck in Calgary a couple of weeks ago. The version I had from Los Compadres Food Truck wasn’t exactly my style as I crave more of the Baja style fish tacos. It just so happened that I came across the TacoFino Food Truck while watching Eat St. on the Food Network channel a couple of weeks ago. I was determined to try it as many have said that TacoFino makes “the best fish tacos in BC” so I made a point to put it on my eating schedule while in Vancouver.

TacoFino Cantina often has two trucks out in the Vancouver downtown area serving up different menus with one focusing on tacos and the other on burritos. The Orange Taco Truck is supposedly at Robson Square on weekdays although I haven’t seen it out at all on my 3 trips downtown in the past week. The Blue Burrito Truck is located at Burrard and Dunsmuir on weekdays from 11am to 3pm. Fortunately, the famous Fish Tacos are available on both trucks so I was able to get them.

On my first trip downtown last week, I went to The Blue Burrito Truck on Burrard and Dunsmuir as I did not see any tweet about The Orange Taco Truck being out that day. As it turns out, one of the daily specials at The Blue Burrito Truck happened to be the Tuna Ta-Taco ($6.50).  The Tuna Ta-Taco (shown at the right in the picture below), which is usually available as part of The Orange Taco Truck’s regular menu, consisted of lightly seared sesame-soy albacore tuna that was topped with wasabi-ginger mayo, shredded cabbage, mango salsa and seaweed salad and was served on a fire toasted flour tortilla. I got one Tuna Ta-Taco to try as I wanted to compare it to the famous Fish Taco ($4.50). The Fish Taco (shown at the left in the picture below) consisted of tempura battered ling cod that was topped with chipotle mayo, shredded cabbage and salsa fresca and served on a fire toasted flour tortilla.

I decided to taste the Fish Taco first as I thought the ling cod would be more delicate in flavour than the albacore tuna in the Tuna Ta-Taco. The tempura crust was perfectly light and crispy while the ling cod was tender and cooked perfectly. I loved the brightness of flavours in the salsa fresca. It provided the perfect contrast against the creamy chipotle mayo and the crunchy shreds of cabbage. I was also impressed that the flour tortilla was very light, soft, and not doughy at all.  All in all, this Fish Taco was perfect and definitely the best fish taco I’ve tasted so far here in Canada. I know the purists may say that the fish should have been grilled instead of battered and it should have been served on a corn tortilla instead of a flour tortilla but I didn’t think that these aspects detracted from how good these fish tacos tasted. It’s hard for me to say whether I liked the Fish Taco or the Tuna Ta-Taco more as the Tuna Ta-Taco was tasty in its own unique way. The tuna was perfectly cooked as it was juicy, tender, and flaky. The seaweed salad added a nice, unique crunch and flavour to the taco.  The mango salsa added a tropical dimension and the shredded cabbage gave it the additional crunchy texture. I thought these were the perfect toppings to stand up against the bold flavours of the tuna. I would best describe the Tuna Ta-Taco as an Asian-inspired fish taco.

For dessert, I decided to try the Chocolate-Diablo Cookie ($2.50), which is available on both The Blue Burrito Truck and The Orange Taco Truck, as my friend had told me there were some rave reviews about this cookie.  This cookie was described on the menu as a fudgy chocolate cookie with fresh ginger and chili, milk chocolate chunks, and salty sprinkles. At first when I tasted the cookie, I wasn’t sure what to think. It was definitely different from any other cookie that I’ve ever had as it had very complex flavours. I could definitely taste the ginger and the saltiness from the sprinkles but I couldn’t taste much of the heat from the chili. As I had more bites of the cookie, it started to grow on me. I totally loved the chewy texture of the cookie and was impressed that it wasn’t greasy at all.  I wouldn’t say that this is the most amazing chocolate cookie I’ve ever had but I would say it is certainly unique tasting.

I was so impressed with the Fish Taco that I went back to The Blue Burrito Truck two more times this week as I happened to be downtown checking out other lunch spots. I made sure I’d saved room in my tummy for these fish tacos as I know I wouldn’t be able to find fish tacos like these back in Calgary. Today, I even convinced my foodie friend, Grayelf, to go with me as she had not tried them yet. She agreed these were definitely yummy! I’m pretty impressed that the TacoFino Truck has been very consistent with their food. I’ve had the Fish Tacos three times now and they tasted just as good each and every time. I hope the TacoFino trucks will be out during the winter months as I can’t wait to go and have the Fish Tacos again when I’m in town next month.

TacoFino Cantina Food Truck


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