Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits – Burlington, WA

I’m usually not a fan of fast food chain restaurants but Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits is an exception for me. Ever since I tried the spicy fried chicken from Popeyes in Texas several years back, I have a constant craving for it. I think it’s partly because Popeyes fried chicken is hard to get in Canada. I only know of a couple of locations in Ontario and there are no locations in Western Canada.

After tasting Popeyes spicy fried chicken, I just can’t go back to eating KFC or even Church’s. Hence, I save my “fried chicken quota” and get my fill of Popeyes whenever I go to the US. The closest location in Western Canada is actually located in Burlington, WA. I even got my friend C hooked on it too now so we usually stop in at this location whenever we pass by on our way down to the Seattle area.

I’ve been told by some friends who live in the San Francisco Bay area that Popeyes fried chicken is not very good because the chicken was really dry the couple of times they’ve tried it. I find this to be interesting as I never had an issue with it so far. I think as with every other chain restaurant there are issues with consistency and there may be the slightest variations in how the food is prepared depending on the location. So far, this Popeyes location in Burlington has been pretty consistent. The chicken has always been perfectly fried with a crunchy crust and the meat is juicy and tender all the times we’ve been.

On this visit, we decided to get their lunch special for $10.99 which consisted of 5 pieces of mild or spicy fried chicken, 2 biscuits, and 2 regular sides. For the sides, there is a choice of Cajun fries, corn on the cob, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes with Cajun-style gravy, red beans & rice, Cajun rice, cole slaw, or onion rings. I usually get the onion rings or the Cajun fries. This time my friend C decided to be adventurous and tried the corn on the cob. I usually never order corn on the cob, especially not at fast food places as I like my corn to be crunchy and I always fear that they would overcook it. As I had anticipated, this corn on the cob was soft, almost to the point of being mushy. Personally, I wouldn’t order it again as it was way too soft for my liking. But if you like your corn nice and soft, this might be ok for you. I, on the other hand, decided to stick with the tried and true onion rings as our second side dish. I’ve always liked the onion rings at Popeyes. The batter is always crispy on the outside while the onion is toothsome on the inside. As for the fried chicken pieces, I always get the spicy version. The biscuits at Popeyes are just ok and reminds me of Bisquick but that doesn’t really bother me as I’m mainly there for the spicy fried chicken.

On this visit, the spicy fried chicken tasted as good as usual. I like that the chicken itself is first marinated with spicy Louisiana seasoning before being battered. There is additional spice added to the batter as well so both the chicken and the battered crust are flavourful and spicy. I’m always impressed with how crunchy the crust is. This is the first kind of fried chicken I’ve had where I can actually hear the crunch as someone bites into the crust. I’m always on the look out for great spicy fried chicken and have yet to find a place better than Popeyes, which after all is just a fast food chain. I have found places that prepare their chicken with a similar crunchy crust but they lacked the spiciness in both the chicken and the batter.  I never would have thought it would be so hard to find great tasting spicy fried chicken with a crunchy crust. In the meantime, Popeyes will satisfy my craving for spicy fried chicken.

120 Cascade Mall Drive
Burlington, WA


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