Dahlia Bakery – Seattle, WA

I had heard about these ‘Made to Order Donuts‘ from Lola’s in Seattle on the Food Network show The Best Thing I Ever AteTotally Fried episode. I really wanted to try them but since we were only in Seattle for just a few hours and there were so many places I wanted to try, I was hoping to just get an order of the donuts to go instead of eating a whole meal at Lola’s. As I was researching, I found out that Lola’s is one of several restaurants owned by James Beard Award-Winning Chef Tom Douglas and that he had several acclaimed restaurants and eateries down the same block in downtown Seattle including Lola’s, Dahlia Bakery, Dahlia Lounge, and Serious Pie Downtown.  As I was perusing the online menus of these restaurants, I found out that in addition to Lola’s, these famous ‘Made To Order Donuts‘ were also available both Dahlia Bakery and Dahlia Lounge. This was perfect as I just really only wanted to try the donuts and the bakery would be the most convenient place to get an order to go. So Dahlia Bakery became the second stop on my mini-foodie tour of Seattle.

These Famous Donuts (6 per bag for $6.00) are listed online on the Breakfast Menu for Dahlia Bakery. Since it was already mid-afternoon by the time we made it to the bakery, I was initially worried that these donuts would not be available. I was determined enough to try these donuts that I would have gone to Dahlia Lounge or Lola’s, if necessary, and asked if I could get an order of these to go, even if I might have gotten some strange looks from the staff. When I walked into Dahlia Bakery initially, I became worried as I did not see these donuts listed on their menu boards. Fortunately, they were available when I asked even though they were not listed anywhere. It’s almost as if these were part of some secret menu and only available for those in the know. These donuts were indeed freshly made to order. We had to wait about 5 minutes for our order. They were lightly dusted in cinnamon sugar and served with vanilla mascarpone and seasonal jam, which happened to be apple jam on this visit.

I’m not sure words can adequately describe how good these donuts were. These warm, light, fluffy pillows of fried dough were absolutely divine and not like any other donut or beignet that I’ve ever tasted. Along with the mascarpone dip, these airy little pillows were little bites of heaven. The vanilla mascarpone tasted so good that I actually wanted to lick every last bit out of the container when we were done the donuts. The apple jam was quite tasty as well although both my friend C and I agreed that the mascarpone was the definite winner out of the two. Lucky for us, we actually even ended up with an extra donut on this order. I can’t wait to go back to Seattle to get these donuts again. I’m pretty sure next time my friend and I will each want our own order of these.  I’m usually not a huge donut fan but these are out of this world as far as donuts are concerned. These definitely rank as one of the best donuts I ever ate.

I had also read about Tom Douglas’ Famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie. To conserve belly space, luckily we were able to get a Coco Pie Bite ($2.50) to get a taste of the pie without having to get the whole pie or even a slice. This was easily one of the best tasting coconut cream pies that I’ve ever had. The pastry was flaky, light, and infused with coconut. The custard-like filling was rich and coconutty and contrasted nicely against the fresh vanilla whipped cream, which was topped with white chocolate and coconut flakes.  I’m normally not even a coconut cream pie fan but Tom Douglas’ Famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie has me converted. This is definitely a must-try item along with the Famous Donuts if you head to Dahlia Bakery.

Dahlia Bakery
2001 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-4540


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