Blink Restaurant & Bar – Calgary, AB

My friend and I have been wanting to try Blink Restaurant for a while now as we’ve heard great things about it. Their menu changes frequently and focuses on seasonal and local ingredients. We finally decided to have dinner there on a Friday evening a couple of weeks ago.

For her main dish, my friend ordered the Roast Halibut ($32.50). The halibut was marinated in sake and soy and was served with buckwheat, shimeji mushrooms, and white beans. My friend let me have a taste of the fish. The halibut was perfectly cooked. It was flavourful, tender, and moist. Our server had suggested pairing this dish with a glass of Rob Stuart’s ‘Big Fire’ Pinot Noir from Oregon ($12.00). The wine was very well balanced and paired perfectly with the halibut.

I ordered the Red Wine Braised Bonless Shortrib of Beef  ($32.00). The beef shortrib was served with fresh pappardelle and wild mushrooms. The shortrib was rich, flavourful and melt-in-your-mouth tender. The pappardelle was toothsome and delicious. This dish paired perfectly with a glass of the Joffre Merlot from Mendoza, Argentina ($12.00) which our server had suggested.  This Joffre Merlot was unlike any other Merlot I’ve tasted as it was tannic, bold, and robust.

For dessert, my friend ordered the Trio of Ice Cream ($10.00).  The trio of housemade ice cream included a scoop each of maple fudge, newcastle, and valrhona milk chocolate. We were both intrigued by the newcastle ice cream. To our disappointment, it was really mild in flavour and we could barely taste the newcastle ale. Out of the three ice creams, I liked the valrhona milk chocolate one the best as it was rich and decadent.

I ordered the Iced Hazelnut Nougat ($9.50). The Nougat dessert was topped with fresh raspberries and served with raspberry coulis. The tartness of the raspberry coulis provided the perfect contrast to the creaminess of the Nougat. I really enjoyed this dessert and would definitley order it again on my next visit. Being a huge fan of hazelnuts, I appreciated the bits of hazelnut interspersed throughout the Nougat.

Overall, my friend and I enjoyed our experience at Blink.  Though none of the dishes really had a wow factor, all the food was well-executed and tasty.  The service was top-notch. Our server was attentive and had really good knowledge of the menu.  The decor is contemporary and inviting. Blink is a place I would not hesitate to recommend to out-of-town guests or for special occasions.

Blink Restaurant & Bar
111 8 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 263-5330

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