Myhre’s Deli – Calgary, AB

Myhre’s Deli has been one of my favourite places to get a Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich here in Calgary. This deli has been around for several years and used to be called Palace of Eats.  It is still under the same ownership but the owner just changed the name to Myhre’s Deli a couple of years back. The Montreal Smoked Meat that they use in their sandwiches is the real deal as they apparently source it from Quebec Smoked Meats in Montreal.

In addition to featuring Montreal Smoked Meat sandwiches, the menu at Myhre’s Deli is quite diverse as they also serve other Montreal favourites such as Reuben sandwiches or bagels with lox and cream cheese. On this visit, I noticed they are now even serving Montreal style steamer hot dogs. And they are using Nathan’s all-beef hot dogs for their steamers.

The traditional Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich at Myhre’s Deli comes in several sizes – Regular cut (6 oz for $10), Full cut (8 oz for $12), or Boss cut (10 oz for $13). The normal sandwiches come with a side of coleslaw, a kosher dill pickle, and Old Dutch potato chips. Currently, Myhre’s Deli is featuring a smaller version of the Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich for $7 and this version comes with only one side. I had a choice of either the coleslaw, the dill pickle, or the potato chips. I decided to choose the potato chips to go with my sandwich. The smoked meat was steamed to perfection, sliced and served on top of fresh rye bread. The sandwich turned out to be quite filling and was great value at $7.

My favourite Montreal Smoked Meat is still from Schwartz’s in Montreal as I find the meat from Schwartz’s to be more spicy and flavourful.  While the smoked meat in this sandwich is not as good as Schwartz’s in my opinion, it is still pretty tasty and helps to satisfy my smoked meat craving until I can get my hands on some from Schwartz’s again.


Myhre’s Deli
1411 11 St SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 244-6602

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