Serious Pie (Downtown) – Seattle, WA

After my not-so-stellar initial experience at the Serious Pie Westlake location back in October, I decided to give them another chance when I was in town again in November, but this time I wanted to check out the Serious Pie Downtown location. I was hoping that their Roasted Chanterelles & Truffle Cheese Pizza, which was featured on the Food Network show The Best Thing I Ever AtePizza episode, would live up to the hype on this visit. This downtown location is situated right around the corner from its other famous sister establishments by James Beard Award-Winning Chef Tom Douglas, namely Lola’s, Dahlia Bakery, and Dahlia Lounge.

On this visit, my friend C and I started off sharing a Marinated Lacinato Kale Salad with Calabria Chilies and Pine Nuts ($9). This salad was delicious. I never really expected to love a kale salad but the combination of flavours really worked together. The raw Tuscan kale leaves were tender and dressed with a brightly acidic dressing which stood up nicely to the kale.  The Calabria Chilies gave the salad a spicy complex flavour while the pine nuts provided a good textural contrast. The salad was generously garnished with Parmigiano-Reggiano. If I could make kale taste this good, I would be eating it every day.

We then shared the famous Roasted Chanterelles & Truffle Cheese Pizza ($17). This pizza at the downtown location was a marked improvement compared to our experience at the Westlake location previously.  The pizza was better seasoned and I could taste more truffle flavour from the truffle cheese, though the truffle flavour was still quite mild. The roasted chanterelles again were very tender and moist. The crust was airy, light, crispy, and slightly chewy, but I still wish it would be a bit more chewy. That’s more of a personal preference though. The style of pizza at Serious Pie is unique. The pizzas are thin-crust and baked in a 600 F stone-encased applewood burning oven and their toppings feature local, fresh ingredients. Overall, I thought this Roasted Chanterelles & Truffle Cheese Pizza was pretty tasty and I would go back to have it again. But still,  I wouldn’t exactly classify it as the best pizza I ever ate.

We opted to skip dessert at Serious Pie as we were eagerly awaiting to go back to Dahlia Bakery instead, which was around the corner, for their famous Made To Order donuts. As we had learnt from our previous visit, those donuts are to die for.

Serious Pie (Downtown)
316 Virginia Street
Seattle, WA
(206) 838-7388

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