EuroTrash Food Cart – Portland, OR

EuroTrash Food Cart made it on to my list of places to try while I was visiting Portland back in November. There are actually two locations of Eurotrash. Their original location is at the Good Food Here cart pod on SE 43rd Avenue and Belmont Street, which is also home to other famous carts such as Cackalack’s Hot Chicken Shack and Lardo as well as during the summer months, The Sugar Cube and Fifty Licks. The second location for Eurotrash is downtown on the corner of SW 10th Avenue and Washington Street. I decided to go to the Good Food Here cart pod as I was hoping to sample Cackalack’s Hot Chicken Shack and Lardo as well on the same visit.

The main reason I wanted to try EuroTrash Food Cart is because of its eclectic menu. There is quite a range of items on the menu all with a European twist including piri piri chicken sandwiches, chorizo & chips, curry fried squid sandwiches, and even foie gras on chips. Breakfast sandwiches such a Portuguese quesadilla are also available all day.

Since my friend C and I have been foie gras lovers after our meal at Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal a couple of years back, we were immediately attracted to the Foie Gras ($13). It seemed like a decadent idea to have pan-seared foie gras served on top of a pile of their signature Nah-Nah Chips. When I ordered at the Eurotrash window, the guy asked if it was okay that it would take at least 15 minutes to prepare. Time wasn’t a problem for me so I went ahead with it. That was when he pulled out a vacuum-sealed package of foie from the freezer and proceeded to defrost it in the microwave. That should have been a red flag and some quick thinking on my part would have averted the foie gras disaster that was about to happen as I should have just cancelled the order immediately. But I wasn’t thinking straight as I was already disappointed that Lardo didn’t have their signature porchetta that evening and Cackalack’s had closed early because they were all sold out. At that point, I was just focused on wanting to try out the items that I have previously planned out in my head.

When the Foie Gras with Nah-Nah Chips arrived, I noticed that the foie gras had broken apart during the cooking process so instead of one large chunk we ended up with a couple of small chunks. What we were served looked nothing like the pictures of this dish that I saw online. That in itself is more of a cosmetic/presentation issue. The real issue I had was with the texture of the foie gras. It was spongy and almost chewy in texture. It was nothing like the foie gras that I’ve had in the past. I was expecting the seared foie gras to have a rich, velvety texture and would just melt-in-my-mouth. The signature Nah-Nah Chips, on the other hand, were delicious! They consisted of freshly fried crispy potato chips tossed in a savory garlic aioli. We couldn’t stop eating the chips and I really enjoyed the flavours of the creamy garlic aioli.

These Nah-Nah Chips were definitely addictive and I would totally order them again on their own for $4. But the Foie Gras, on the other hand, to me was an epic fail. In my opinion, what we received was certainly not worth the $13 we paid. So much for the idea of having a luxurious item such as foie gras being served as street food. Perhaps, it was just our bad luck.

The other item we tried from EuroTrash was the Fishy Chips ($6 for bodies only; $4 for heads only). We ordered the “bodies only” version. The Fishy Chips consisted of lightly breaded Spanish anchovies that were deep fried and then tossed in salt & lemon juice. They were served with a creamy aioli. The fried anchovies were tasty and not as fishy as I had anticipated. They were indeed a novel idea and I’m glad I tried them. Even though they were good, I’m not sure it’s an item I would go out of my way to order again as there are so many other intriguing items to try on the EuroTrash menu. The Fishy Chips didn’t have much of a wow factor for me.

EuroTrash Food Cart (Original location)
Good Food Here Cart Pod
4262 SE Belmont St (SE 43rd & Belmont)
Portland, OR


EuroTrash Food Cart (Downtown)
SW 10th Ave & Washington St
Portland, OR


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