The Sugar Cube (Food Cart) – Portland, OR

I had read a lot of great reviews about The Sugar Cube Food Cart but still have not managed to try it. A year ago when I was visiting Portland, The Sugar Cube was on a hiatus as the owner, award-winning pastry chef Kir Jensen, was taking time off to write a cookbook for Chronicle Books. At the time, The Sugar Cube Food Cart was parked at the Mississippi Marketplace cart pod.  I learnt this year, the cart has moved to Good Food Here cart pod, which is also home to other famous food carts like Cackalack’s Hot Chicken Shack, Eurotrash, and Lardo. Since I was planning to visit Cackalack’s for their spicy fried chicken, I was hoping to have dessert at The Sugar Cube. Unfortunately, I learnt that The Sugar Cube was already closed for winter when I was visiting in November. Fortunately though, I found out that Kir Jensen’s baked goods are available during the winter months at Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine.

Milwaukie is actually a tiny city in Clackamas Country and is a suburb in the Southeast part of Portland. My friend C and I decided to go for a drive to check out this place since we were already shopping in the Clackamas area. Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine is a specialty deli and market with an adjoining coffee shop/wine bar and also has a studio for cooking classes and events.

By the time we arrived in the mid-afternoon, there were only two varieties of sweets left – the Chocolate Salted Caramel Brownie ($3.25) and the Chocolate Chocolate Banana Cake ($3.50). We decided to get one of each to try.

Taste-wise the salted caramel provided a nice salty-sweet balance to the decadent brownie. The brownie was moist and delicious but I wouldn’t go so far as to say this was the most memorable brownie I’ve ever had. The Chocolate Chocolate Banana Cake consisted of two chocolate banana cakes with a layer of rich chocolate ganache in between.  Likewise, it was tasty but didn’t really have a wow factor either. Overall, I was somewhat disappointed as I expected to be wowed. Perhaps, we got to Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine too late and they were already sold out of the popular items. I hope The Sugar Cube will be open on my next trip to Portland so that I can sample some of the famous dessert items directly from the food cart.

The Sugar Cube (Food Cart)
Good Food Here Cart Pod
4262 SE Belmont St. (SE 43rd & Belmont)
Portland, OR
(503) 890-2825


Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine
10610 SE Main Street
Milwaukie, OR


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