Giovane Cafe & Winebar – Vancouver, BC

Giovane Cafe & Winebar is located on the main floor of the Fairmount Pacific Rim. I’d walked by Giovane Cafe & Winebar many times before on my way to Bella Gelateria, which is just right next door, but I never really paid much attention to it until my foodie friend, Grayelf mentioned that they have a sugar bun that is worth checking out during my recent trip to Vancouver back in November. Since it was later in the evening when Grayelf and I were walking by on our way to Bella, we decided to poke our heads into Giovane Cafe anyways even though Grayelf told me there was little chance I would be able to get my hands on a sugar bun at that time of night. Apparently, these sugar buns are hugely popular and usually sell out by noon each day.

As I was browsing the dessert selection at Giovane Cafe, many of the cakes and tarts looked scrumptious and I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to get. In the end, I decided to try the mini Peanut Butter Hedgehog ($7). It consisted of layers of peanut butter cream, chocolate sponge, chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache atop a biscuit bottom. Though I’m a huge hazelnut fan, I really enjoyed the Peanut Butter Hedgehog as it was very decadent but yet not too sweet and was a nice variation from the typical hedgehog, which is usually hazelnut-flavoured. The one thing I wish would have been different was the biscuit bottom as I found it to be a little too hard and not very inspiring. I think it would have been better with either a dacquoise or a wafer base.

I went back to Giovane Cafe the very next morning. This time, I made sure I stopped by before 11am as I wanted to try the signature Sugar Bun ($4). As the name suggests, the Sugar Bun consisted of a sweet bun filled with vanilla pastry cream and rolled in sugar. I really enjoyed the sweet bun as it was light and fluffy and it reminded me of the famous Made To Order donuts from Tom Douglas’ Dahlia Bakery in Seattle. As for the vanilla pastry cream filling, I wasn’t a huge fan. To me, it was too much of a good thing. I found that there was way too much pastry cream filling in my sugar bun for my liking. I found the pastry cream be on the bland side and could not taste much vanilla. I would have preferred it slightly sweetened or at least with a stronger vanilla flavour as I found myself eating bite after bite of bland pastry cream. I would have been happy with half or even a third as much pastry cream in my bun. Overall, I thought this Sugar Bun tasted ok but I wouldn’t swoon over it like others have. I’m glad I tried it just to see what the hype was about.

Giovane Cafe & Winebar
1038 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC
(604) 695-5501

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