The District – Calgary, AB

On a Friday evening awhile back, I  met up with some friends for drinks and snacks at The District. The District Urban Tavern prides themselves in serving locally grown organic produce and naturally raised meats. I’d been to their sister establishment next door, The Rhino, previously and was quite impressed with their food. Both establishments share the same kitchen and have similar food menus. Hence, I was really looking forward to the food at The District.  In particular, on my previous visit to The Rhino, I had really enjoyed the Bucket of Bacon ($8.25) that was served with a side of Quebec maple syrup. Hence, we ordered it again on this visit. It was really good quality bacon that was crispy and flavourful. We dunked the bacon strips into the maple syrup and it was the perfect combination of savoury and sweet flavours. It was definitely tasty but I do think it was a little on the pricey side for what we actually got.

My friend and I also shared an order of Yam Fries ($5.75) that was served with a side of lemon parsley aioli. The Yam Fries were less successful as they were not crispy on the outside. They were limp and the texture was not quite right.  I’ve definitely had better yam fries elsewhere and I didn’t think that Yam Fries were that hard to get right.

We were still hungry so we decided to try a small order of the Poutine for the People ($8 for small; $12 for medium; $15 for large). I had high expectations for the poutine as I had previously read that the poutine at The District is one of the best in Calgary. At both The Rhino and The District, one has the option to add additional toppings to the poutine such as pulled pork, smoked chicken, smoked chorizo sausage, beef brisket or various cheeses. We opted to stick with the classic poutine and did not go for any additional toppings. The classic poutine was topped with house made gravy and fresh curds. My friends and I were totally disappointed with the poutine on this visit. The gravy was gloopy and the curds just melted all the way and was gooey. I was hoping that the some of the curds would be squeaky. More than anything else, the fries were a fail. Again, like the yam fries, these fries were limp and potato inside tasted as if it was just barely cooked. I’m not sure why they were having so much trouble making proper fries that night. Needless to say, we were relieved that we just ordered a small size as none of us at the table really cared for it. It was definitely far from being the best that I’ve had here in Calgary.

For dessert, we shared a piece of the Chocolate Banana Bacon Cake ($6.75). The Chocolate Banana Bacon Cake itself was ok. The cake was moist and I liked the chocolate banana flavours. Though I’m a bacon-lover, I wasn’t too crazy about the bacon as I expected the bacon pieces to be crispy. But instead, the bacon pieces were soft and chewy due to the moisture from the cake. The accompanying scoop of vanilla gelato from Fiasco was delicious and was my favourite part of the dessert.

Overall, we were not impressed with the food on this visit. I was really disappointed as I had high hopes for the food. Even though they may use quality ingredients such as locally grown organic produce and naturally raised meats, they missed on the execution.

The District
607 11 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 233-2433

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1 Response to The District – Calgary, AB

  1. Lindsay says:

    Too bad. I’ve had good poutine experiences (so far… knock on wood) at District, but it seems like it’s really good or really bad. I haven’t been impressed with the other food items I’ve had at district. One of my friends ordered oysters there once. Definitely does NOT compare to Big Fish!

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