Lloyd’s Patty Plus – Calgary, AB

A couple of months ago, on my way back from Tiffin Curry and Roti House, I drove past Lloyd’s Patty Plus, which is located in a northeast strip mall called Short Pants Plaza. I tried to find out the origin of this amusing name but did not have much luck. Short Pants Plaza is home to many ethnic eateries including Village Pita Bakery and Safari Grill. I was intrigued with  Lloyd’s Patty Plus as it is one of the few Jamaican/Caribbean eateries in Calgary. Hence, I convinced my coworker to go with me to try it out for lunch one day.

As the name suggests, Lloyd’s Patty Plus specializes in freshly made Jamaican patties. Lloyd’s offers both beef and chicken patties in original and spicy versions. They mainly manufacture these patties for wholesale distribution to restaurants and stores. However, they do have a retail counter where you can get them fresh out of the oven to eat on the spot or take way in any quantity you request. One costs $2.25. If you get two or more, it is $2 each or $20 for a dozen. If you chose to get some to eat at a later date, packaged cold versions are available at $17 for a dozen or $30 for a case of 24.

My coworker and I both decided to get one Spicy Beef ($2.25 each;  $2 each for 2 or more, mix or match) and one Spicy Chicken ($2.25 each;  $2 each for 2 or more, mix or match). The main difference between the patties from Lloyd’s and the ones from other places around town is that Lloyd’s patties are fresh and have never been frozen. All the other places buy the patties frozen and then reheat them. Because these patties were freshly made and have not been frozen, the pastry was perfectly crispy, rich, and flaky. The filling contains a slurry of spices with either beef or chicken. Personally, I preferred the Spicy Beef version over the Spicy Chicken as I found the Spicy Beef to be more flavourful. Surprisingly, though Jamaican/Caribbean food can typically be very spicy, I didn’t find these spicy patties to be that spicy at all. They had a nice level of heat but I had expected them to be a lot spicier. I can understand why they didn’t make them much spicier as the average customer probably wouldn’t appreciate that level of heat.

The patties are quite filling. Both my coworker and I were pretty full after each having 2 patties for lunch. The crazy part is that it only cost us $4 each for this lunch.  Compared to what you can get at other fast food chain restaurants for $4, this was one of the best tasting $4 hearty lunches that we’ve ever had.

Lloyd’s Patty Plus
#202, 255 28 Street SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 207-4455

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