Keith’s Deli – Calgary, AB

I would never have found out about Keith’s Deli if it wasn’t for my coworker telling me about it. Apparently, Keith’s Deli has been around almost forever. They were once located at the back of the old Chinook Centre. They then moved to their current location in the strip mall across from Chinook Centre many years ago. From the outside, I would have thought the deli would be quite contemporary. To my surprise, when I first walked in, the place seemed more like a hole-in-the-wall type eatery as the decor is quite eclectic. Luckily, there was no line up yet when we arrived shortly before noon. It didn’t take long for the whole place to fill up. The menu at Keith’s Deli is quite straightforward. It mainly consists of hot sandwiches and a few side dishes. Keith’s Deli is most famous for their homemade sausages.

One of the most popular sandwiches at Keith’s Deli is the Keith’s Special ($6). The hot sandwich is filled with their housemade barbeque pork sausage, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, mustard and mayo and is served on either a crusty whole wheat or white bun. I was quite impressed with how tasty the sandwich was. It was definitely the housemade sausage that made the sandwich memorable. The sausage was juicy, garlicky and very flavourful. The melted cheese complemented the sausage well. I was hooked after the first bite.

In addition to the sandwich, I picked up a couple of Keith’s Sausages ($2 per  100 g) to have as a snack later on that day. I just can’t get enough of these sausages. What impressed me the most is how flavourful these homemade sausages are. It’s not wonder Keith’s Deli has a loyal following. I know I’ll definitely be back for more of these sausages.

In addition to the version of sausage that I tried on this visit (the Keith’s Sausage), Keith’s Deli is also famous for their other version of sausage, the Keitalian, which is a homemade spicy, Italian sausage. I definitely want to give that one a try on my next visit as I’m crazy for spice.

I’m so glad my coworker introduced me to this hidden gem. I’ve passed by this strip mall where Keith’s Deli is located many times before but never knew of its existence. This place is only a stone’s throw away from Chinook Centre. I’d choose Keith’s Deli any day over the food court stuff at Chinook. I now have a new place to go for lunch if I’m shopping in the area. The only thing though is that Keith’s is only open Mondays to Saturdays and for limited hours.

Keith’s Deli
6100 MacLeod Trail SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 252-5100

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2 Responses to Keith’s Deli – Calgary, AB

  1. Nanook says:

    Will be in Calgary in a couple weeks – I am so there.

  2. Been around for 40 year… Order the Keith’s Special $6.00 …. Homemade, Barbequed Pork Sausage with Hot with melted Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Mayonnaise and Mustard on a White or Whole-Wheat bun…. This Sandwich will change your life 😉

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