Cambodian Noodle Soup @ Trong Khanh Vietnamese Restaurant – Calgary, AB

Last month, I went back to Trong Khanh  with my coworkers to have their Cambodian Noodle Soup ($7.75). They actually offer two versions – one that’s a noodle soup, which is the one I always order and one with the soup on the side for $8.25. Both versions contain the exact same ingredients. It’s just a matter of preference whether you want everything in the noodle soup or whether you want the soup on the side. I had mentioned in my previous post, Trong Khanh is one of the few places in Calgary that serves this dish. The toppings for the Cambodian Noodle Soup usually include shrimp, crab sticks, cha siu (Chinese bbq pork) slices, pork slices, and slices of offal. Since I’m not an offal fan, I always ask them to exclude it. The Cambodian Noodle Soup is garnished with diced scallions, cilantro, and fried shallots. Also, instead of the regular pho rice noodles, I always ask for the special glass/clear noodle which is called hu tieu. These noodles are made of tapioca flour, not rice and once cooked it is more chewy, clear and somewhat sticky in texture compared to the regular rice noodles used in pho. Unfortunately, on this visit, the clear noodles were a little overcooked and hence, were on the clumpy side. I wish the noodles would be a little more al dente but I didn’t care as much as I was really there to satisfy my craving for the garlic chili oil. As usual, I piled on heaping amounts of the housemade minced garlic chili oil from condiment jar that’s at each one of their tables. What I love about this garlic chili oil is that it is immensely flavourful without being overly spicy. I’m totally addicted to this housemade garlic chili oil and that’s what keeps me going back to Trong Khanh again and again.

Trong Khanh
1115 Centre St N
Calgary, AB
(403) 230-2408

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2 Responses to Cambodian Noodle Soup @ Trong Khanh Vietnamese Restaurant – Calgary, AB

  1. Love that you put heaping spoonfuls of chilli oil in your bowl. I’ll probably go there just to try the chill oil. 🙂

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