Mother’s Bistro & Bar – Portland, OR

Mother’s Bistro & Bar, located in the heart of downtown Portland, serves up home-style, comfort food where everything is made from scratch. Mother’s is hugely popular for breakfast/brunch, especially on weekends. While visiting my friend in Portland, he told me Mother’s was famous for their Crunchy French Toast. I was really intrigued and hence, we headed there for brunch so I could try the French toast.

My friend C ordered the Belgian Waffle with Fruit Compote ($5.95) and whipped cream ($1). The waffle was well-executed as it was crispy and light.

My friend B ordered the Wild Salmon Hash ($12.95) with leeks, potatoes and a touch of cream and was served with two eggs done any style. To my pleasant surprise, the Wild Salmon Hash was delicious. Normally, I shy away from ordering any dish containing salmon as I’m afraid that the fish would be overcooked. Personally, I prefer my salmon either raw (as in sushi) or underdone. I was surprised that the salmon in this dish was cooked perfectly. It was flaky and moist.

I ordered the famous Crunchy French Toast ($7.95), which consisted of thick slices of challah (egg) bread that were dipped in cornflakes and fried till they were golden brown. The presentation certainly looked delicious. But when I tasted the French toast, I was actually disappointed as I had imagined it to be a lot crunchier. I had expected the cornflake crumbs to give it a really crispy crunchy coating similar to that of fried chicken. But in fact, it wasn’t very crispy or crunchy at all. It just tasted like regular French toast but with some cornflake crumbs on it.

Out of the three dishes that we had ordered, I actually thought the Wild Salmon Hash was the winner. The flavours in that dish were spot on and it wasn’t overly heavy despite the creamy sauce. If I go back to Mother’s for brunch, I’d definitely order that Wild Salmon Hash.

Mother’s Bistro & Bar
212 SW Stark St
Portland, OR
(503) 464-1122

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