Fish & Chips @ Big Fish – Calgary, AB

Big Fish has been my go to place for oysters in Calgary. In particular, I love going for their Oyster Nights on Mondays. Over the years, I’ve also been to Big Fish many times for brunch on weekends as well as for lunch on weekdays. One of my favourite items, which is only available on their lunch menu (weekdays only), is the fish and chips. What makes this dish unique is that instead of using the usual haddock, cod, or pollock, Big Fish uses walleye for their fish and chips.

Last month, my friend C and I went to Big Fish for a long overdue lunch. We both ordered the Wild Rose Ale Battered Walleye and Chips ($19) as this was the item we had both been craving for a long time. The fish and chips were served with housemade ketchup, lemon caper mayo along with some pea shoots and slaw. The beer battered walleye was as tasty as I remembered it to be. The batter was crispy and not greasy at all. The fish was moist and flaky. My only quibble was that I found several bones in one of the pieces of fish, which I totally wasn’t expecting. On this visit, the slaw was just ok. I didn’t think the flavours in the slaw was as bright and tasty as the version I had on a previous visit. I would have also preferred a bit more acidity in the slaw to help cut the grease from the fish and fries. Overall, I still enjoyed the fish and chips a lot and would definitely go back to have it again.

Big Fish
1112 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 277-3403

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