Cartems Donuterie (revisited) – Vancouver, BC

On my way to lunch at Notturno Paninoteca, I walked past Cartems Donuterie and decided to take a peek through the window to see what flavours were available. I immediately saw that they had The Bee Sting donut which I had tried so hard to get my hands on but wasn’t able to during my visit to Vancouver back in March. Hence, after our lunch at Notturno Paninoteca, which is just down the street from Cartems,  my foodie friend Grayelf and I went back to Cartems to get one of The Bee Sting to share as this was a flavour we both had been interested in trying. The Bee Sting ($3) is topped with a glaze made with Cassia infused honey and finished with cracked black pepper and grated parmesan. Flavour-wise, I really enjoyed this salty sweet combination. I didn’t notice initially but when I started looking online at other pictures of The Bee Sting from a couple of months ago, I realized that the current version of The Bee Sting actually looks quite a bit different from the version they originally made back in March. The earlier version didn’t have the white glaze on top of the donut. Instead, it was topped with Cassia infused honey along with shavings of parmesan (much larger pieces of parmesan than what’s on the current version) and cracked black pepper. Basically, all the original flavours are still there in the current version but the parmesan is less pronounced. I’m glad that I finally got a chance to try The Bee Sting despite that what we tried was slightly different from the original version. I think the combination of flavours really work well together.

While we were at Cartems, I noticed they had a new flavour, The Naomi ($3). This flavour was created in honor of Jordan Cash’s (one of the co-owners of Cartems) mother’s best friend who recently passed away battling kidney disease. Apparently, the proceeds from this donut will be donated to the Kidney Foundation of Canada. I was intrigued because the donut contains green tea and is topped with a mango glaze along with some chopped dried mango pieces. Since I’m a huge fan of both green tea and all things mango, I just had to get one to try. This one turned out to be a winner. I really enjoyed green tea flavoured donut topped with the mango pieces. I just wished the mango pieces covered the whole donut instead of just half. I’m not quite sure why they left half of it with just the mango glaze.

I’m really glad I got the opportunity to go back to Cartems again to try these two donuts as they have become my new favourites along with The Earl Grey. I noticed that both of the donuts I had tried on this visit had a much softer crumb which I like a lot better as I found a couple of the donuts that I had tried on my previous visits to be quite dry.

Cartems Donuterie (Pop-Up Shop)
408 Carrall Street (Carrall at Hastings)
Vancouver, BC

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