Calgary Court Restaurant – Calgary, AB

Since Calgary Court Restaurant has been a favourite amongst many local Chowhounders and it’s my food blogger friend Anna’s, of Anna’s Appetite, go to place for Chinese comfort food, I was curious to check it out again. I’d been to Calgary Court many times before over the years but never really cared for the food, perhaps because I never ordered the right dishes. Last month, when Anna called me up one Friday evening and asked if I wanted to head out for a late night snack, I jumped at the opportunity.  I wanted to go with her to Calgary Court so that I could find out what some of her favourite dishes were.

We started off with two bowls of the Chinese Daily Soup ($2 each). To me, this was a really good “comfort soup” as it actually tasted homemade. The soup was flavourful but was not overly salty and did not taste like it was laced with MSG. The soup tasted like it had been slow cooked for a long time or what the Cantonese would call “Old Fire Soup”. The soup was actually quite simple as it mainly contained pork bones and carrots. However, I was actually quite impressed at how delicious and nourishing this soup was.

I also decided to try the Baked Rice with Pork Chop in Tomato Sauce ($10.95) since this was a dish that Anna had been raving about. This dish consists of crispy pieces of fried pork chop over a bed of fried rice. The pork chop pieces and rice are then smothered in a slightly sweet, tangy tomato sauce and topped with cheese. The entire dish is then baked until the cheese melts and becomes a rich golden brown in color. I was actually quite impressed that the pork chop pieces were still crispy outside yet tender on the inside even after being smothered in sauce and baked. I was also impressed that the pork chop pieces were actually meaty and not fatty at all. Flavour-wise, the tomato sauce is quite a bit sweeter and tangier than what I’m normally accustomed to. This is not to say that the sauce was incorrectly executed. In fact, I would say it was spot on for a Hong Kong style cafe. It’s just that my palate is more accustomed to the Western/Italian versions of tomato sauce so I found this version to be quite a bit sweeter. Overall, I thought this dish was well-executed and I did enjoy the flavours in this dish. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I crave this dish as I’m still not a huge fan of the Western-Chinese fusion dishes and this dish didn’t really change my mind in that respect. I’m still waiting for that moment of enlightenment as I still don’t quite get that whole Western-Chinese fusion concept at Hong Kong style cafes. But this dish was tasty enough that I would go back to have it again if I was sharing it with a friend. It certainly tasted a lot better than other dishes that I’ve tried at Calgary Court. One thing to note is that the portion is quite generous and even with my friend Anna and I sharing it, we had trouble finishing it.

I’m really glad I went with my friend Anna to Calgary Court and have now found a dish that I enjoyed. I’m looking forward to go back with her again to try other dishes on their menu.

Calgary Court Restaurant
119 2 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 264-7890

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