Pig On The Street (Food Truck) – Vancouver, BC

While I was in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago, my foodie friend Grayelf convinced me to try one of the 12 new food trucks to have hit the streets of Vancouver this summer. Since she and I are both bacon lovers, Pig On The Street was a logical choice. Plus, we loved the idea that the food was being served out of an old Westfalia van which has been converted into a cute, pink piggy kitchen.

The menu for Pig On The Street is quite straightforward. They specialize in flatbread sandwiches using locally sourced ingredients. They actually only offer 5 variations of flatbread sandwiches, all of which contain double smoked BACON except one, the No Piggy, which is a vegetarian sandwich.

After ordering, you get to choose one of the little wooden piggies, each with a different pig-related pun, to hold on to until your order is ready. That pig-related pun actually becomes the name of your order and it will be called out accordingly when the food is ready. We chose the one called “The Notorious P.I.G”, which is a pun on American rapper, “The Notorious B.I.G”.  This is quite a cute ordering system, I must say.

Grayelf and I decided to share the Pig L T ($8.95), which was filled with double smoked bacon, tomato, avocado, farmhouse cheddar, greens, and was topped with a bacon & maple mayo. The bacon itself, I must say, was really delicious. The rest of the other fillings in the wrap were just ok and a little on the boring side. The one thing I didn’t care for was the wrap itself. I found the flatbread to be cold, dense, and doughy. Apparently, they use bacon fat when making the flatbread (except for the vegetarian version) although I couldn’t really taste any bacon flavour in the flatbread itself.

We also decided to try the Bourbon, Bacon & Caramel Brownie Bite – aka “Hair of the Hog” ($2). To me, this brownie bite tasted more like fudge than actually a brownie. I was pleased that at least we could really taste the bourbon and the bacon in the brownie unlike the chocolate bar that I tried at Meat & Bread just a couple of days earlier. The brownie was a tad sweet for my liking but I’m glad I got to try it anyways.

Cutesiness aside, what we really came for was the food. And overall, we thought the flatbread sandwich from Pig On The Street was just meh.  We thought it was a little pricey for what we actually got. Yes, the wrap was huge, or perhaps even a bit too big. But we didn’t think it was anything really special and it certainly didn’t have any kind of wow factor. For the $9 we paid for it, I can definitely think of better places to go for a gourmet sandwich that is actually delicious and memorable. My favourites have been the porchetta at Meat & Bread and the panini at Notturno Paninoteca.

Pig On The Street
700 Howe St. (@ Robson, west side, mid-block)
Vancouver, BC


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