Artisan Sandwiches @ Sidewalk Citizen Cargo Bike Shop – Calgary, AB

I’ve been a fan of Aviv Fried’s baked goods since I visited the Sidewalk Citizen Bakery last year. When I learnt that the Sidewalk Citizen Cargo Bike Store was back again this summer on Stephen Avenue and is now offering artisan sandwiches for lunch, I was super excited. The pop-up bike shop is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and is located on Stephen Avenue at 2nd St. SW. This year they are collaborating with Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters so the pop-up bike shop is actually located alongside the Phil & Sebastian mobile outpost. The sandwiches are also available at the bakery on weekends (Friday & Saturday from 10am till 3pm).

The Artisan Sandwich menu changes daily but there is always a meat and a vegetarian offering. To find out what’s on the daily sandwich menu, you can follow them on twitter @avivfried. On the day that I stopped by, the meat sandwich was a Braised Pork Shoulder with Korean BBQ Sauce & Kimchi Slaw while the vegetarian was a Roasted Eggplant & Cauliflower with Mint, Almonds, and Feta. Both were served on a fresh-baked ciabatta bun.

I decided to go with the meat sandwich – The Braised Pork Shoulder with Korean BBQ Sauce & Kimchi Slaw ($10). I was pleasantly surprised with how professional the packaging for the sandwich was. It was tightly wrapped dual-layered thick butcher paper. I appreciated this as I was transporting the sandwich back to my office and the packaging survived the five-minute walk without any issues.

The sandwich, on the other hand, did not survive the walk so well and turned into a bit of a sloppy mess. Perhaps, it was my fault for not eating it right on the spot or maybe, it was just the style of the sandwich, but I found it to be too soggy/saucy for my liking.  The braised pork was tender and flavourful but there was a bit too much sauce for my liking. The slaw was nice and crunchy but I wished that it would be more spicy and acidic to contrast against the pork. The bread itself was amazing! I loved how fresh and soft the ciabatta bun was. I just wished the bottom half of the bun wasn’t soaked in sauce.

Overall, I thought the sandwich tasted ok despite the sogginess. This was basically a Korean-inspired version of a pulled pork sandwich. I was impressed enough with the ciabatta bun that I would go back to try some of the other sandwiches, perhaps one without much sauce as I’m not usually one to like my food drenched in sauce.

Sidewalk Citizen Cargo Bike Shop
Stephen Avenue @ 2 St SW
Calgary, AB



Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
#2, 5524 1A Street SW
Calgary, AB


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