Bliss & Co. Cupcakes and Desserts – Calgary, AB

Bliss & Co. Cupcakes and Desserts has been a popular place amongst the local foodies for their cupcakes and pies. They started off with their bakery location in Chinatown several years back. And now they have two other retail locations – one in Chinook Centre and the other in Bow Valley Square 2 (downtown). I’d tried one of the cupcakes a couple of years back at their Chinatown location when they first opened but didn’t find it to be particularly memorable.

But my friend who is gluten intolerant loves their gluten-free cupcakes and stops by their shop every time we are at Chinook. On this visit, she got two of the Flourless Bliss Cupcakes ($3.50 each) – one topped with blue vanilla buttercream and the other with chocolate buttercream. Though in appearance, these flourless cupcakes look a little weird as far as cupcakes are concerned, they actually tasted pretty good, albeit a little to sweet for my liking as I don’t have a sweet tooth. Their appearance reminded me of a sunken molten chocolate cake and the texture of the cupcake actually reminded me of a chocolate brownie. My friend enjoyed them thoroughly although she did mention that the cupcake was quite sweet and actually preferred them without the buttercream icing.

I’d been meaning to try one of their fruit pies for a long time so this was the perfect opportunity. Since I love all things mango, the Mango Peach ($3.50) was a no-brainer choice. I was really impressed at how good this Mango Peach Pie was. The crust was flaky and light. And the mango peach filling was not too sweet at all. This pie from Bliss & Co. was a winner! I’d definitely get it again and also to try some of the flavours of fruit pie. I’m also curious about their cream pies and cream puffs.

A couple of days later, while shopping at Chinook Centre, I decided to stop by Bliss & Co. again. This time I wanted to give their regular cupcakes a second chance. The Feature Cupcake ($3.25) was a lemon cake topped with their signature cream cheese buttercream and had a blueberry compote filling. On paper, this sounded like a winning combination since I love blueberries, lemon, and cream cheese frosting. Since the Mango Peach Pie was well-balanced and not overly sweet, I expected their cupcakes to be similar. Boy, was I in for a surprise!  This cream cheese buttercream frosting was a lot sweeter than I was expecting. I’ve had cream cheese frosting on cupcakes before from other places and it’s usually a bit tangier and not as sweet as the regular buttercream frosting. I also was hoping the lemon cupcake would be a little tangy and tart but it was actually quite sweet and not tangy at all. The blueberry compote filling was actually the best part of the cupcake as it wasn’t too sweet.

The second I got was the Island Dream ($3.25), which consisted of coconut cake topped with their signature cream cheese buttercream and shredded coconut. Again, the cream cheese buttercream frosting was too sweet for my liking. The coconut cake base tasted fine though it wasn’t that coconutty.

When I think of cupcakes in Calgary, interestingly none of the cupcake shops come to mind. For me, the best cupcake that I’ve ever had in Calgary is actually from a chocolaterie in Inglewood called Choklat. Instead of using butter or vegetable shortening in their cupcake batter, they actually use real cocoa butter. And for a topping, they used whipped chocolate ganache (basically dark chocolate and cream). The cupcake is rich and decadent but not overly sweet. When they have a fresh batch, these chocolate cupcakes are to die for! As for Bliss & Co., I’ll pass on their cupcakes and stick with their fruit pies.

Bliss & Co. Cupcakes and Desserts
#163, 6455 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary AB
(403) 281-8837

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