Snack Crawl #1 (Part 2) – Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q – Vancouver, BC

After stopping in at  Notturno Paninoteca for a panini, my foodie friend Grayelf and I made the trek down to Fat Dragon. Fat Dragon is a fusion, East meets South bbq joint that opened up earlier this year in a rather remote part of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The owners behind Fat Dragon are also the ones behind Campagnolo and Campagnolo Roma.  Fat Dragon is no ordinary bbq joint. Their menu is quite unique with items such as Bao Buns with various fillings, Smoked Pork Trotter ‘Crispy Pata’, Smoked & Roasted Half Pig’s Head, Szechuan Peppercorn Cured Pork Belly, and Smoked Pig’s Snout Fried Rice. For dessert, I had learnt that they offer soft serve ice cream in exotic flavours such as kafflir lime.  I was really intrigued by the exotic soft serve ice cream flavours and hence, put Fat Dragon on my list of places to try.

Even though we were there to try their soft serve, we decided to try one token savory item. We decided on one of their bao buns since it looked interesting, was sharable and small enough that it wouldn’t take up too much room in our bellies. We took our server’s recommendation and chose the Slow Smoked Beef Deckle ($2.75), which was filled with slow smoked beef, cabbage slaw, and topped with caramelized peanuts. To my pleasant surprise, the Beef Deckle bao bun was actually very well executed. The steamed bun (mantou) was soft, fluffy and light. The smoked beef went perfectly with the crunchy cabbage slaw.  I would definitely order this again on my next visit.

We then shared an order of the Soft Serve Ice Cream ($2.75). The flavour changes daily. On the day of our visit, the soft serve flavour was lemon basil. I was expecting the soft serve to be a bit tart and tangy from the lemon. To my surprise, it wasn’t tangy nor tart at all. The soft serve was creamy and smooth but it actually turned out to be a bit on the sweet side. The lemon and basil flavours worked well together but I would have preferred if it was slightly tangy as the acidity would have made it more refreshing. Overall, it was good but probably not something I would go out of my way for. I’m glad I got to try it nonetheless and would go back to Fat Dragon to try the soft serve again if a different flavour was available.

Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q
566 Powell Street
Vancouver, BC

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