Canada Dosa Corner – Calgary, AB

Back in August, my food blogger friend Anna, of Anna’s Appetite, and I decided to check out Canada Dosa Corner, located in the far east part of Calgary. I had heard great things about Canada Dosa Corner from reading various blog posts as well as from talking to some of my foodie friends. Canada Dosa Corner specializes in South Indian as well as Sri Lankan cuisine. Ever since I experienced some great South Indian food at Desi Dosa Madras when I was visiting Vancouver last year, I’d been on the look out to find a place here in Calgary that serves up good South Indian fare. I’d been to Southern Spice, located in the far Northeast neighbourhood of Westwinds, a couple of times and was curious to see how Canada Dosa Corner would compare.

We started off with an order of the Medhu Vada ($6.99), which are fried lentil flour doughnuts served with a house made coconut chutney and tomato chutney. The Medhu Vada were well executed. They were fluffy and fairly light with a crispy exterior. I liked the version from Desi Dosa Madras a tad more but this version was already pretty tasty. The accompanying chutneys were delish as well.

My friend Anna tried the classic Mysore Masala Dosa ($11.99), which came stuffed with a potato masala filling and was served with a bowl of sambar and some coconut and tomato chutney. The dosa, which is a crispy crepe made of rice and lentils, was perfectly executed. It was crispy and light throughout. This was definitely one of the better dosas that I’ve had.

The potato masala filling was flavourful and well-seasoned with Mysore based (South Indian) spices. Though we enjoyed the flavours of the potato masala, both Anna and I found it to be quite heavy and it didn’t take long for us to feel really full. In the future, we’d probably just opt for a plain dosa as the potato masala was a little too much carbs for us.

I went with the Rava Onion Dosa ($10.99), which is made with semolina. Again, it was served with a bowl of sambar and some chutney. This Rava Onion Dosa was stylistically a bit different from the version that I had at Desi Dosa Madras but more similar to one that I had at Madras Dosa House in Vancouver. It had the same lattice-like, paper-thin appearance but with semitranslucent windows. I really enjoyed the flavours in the sambar, which is a traditional lentil soup.

Compared to the versions that I tried in Vancouver, this Rava Onion Dosa was pretty well-executed. For the most part, it was very crispy and light although there were a few sections that were a bit doughier than I would have preferred.

Overall, I really enjoyed this meal at Canada Dosa Corner. Compared to the dosas that I’ve tried at Southern Spice, I actually prefer the ones here from Canada Dosa Corner a bit more as they were crispier. I prefer the sambar and chutney at Canada Dosa Corner more as well as they were more flavourful. Canada Dosa Corner has now become my go to place for dosas here in Calgary. I’d like to go back to try out some of their Sri Lankan dishes as well.

Canada Dosa Corner
1715 52nd Street SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 235-3672

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2 Responses to Canada Dosa Corner – Calgary, AB

  1. Lindsay says:

    Glad to hear you finally made it there! I had ordered the medhu vada the last time I went there, but I found that they were so filling I could barely eat my dosa! Next time I’d just stick with the dosa, or order an appetizer and then share a dosa.

    • miss.foodie says:

      Actually we felt the same way. After having the medhu vada, we could barely eat our dosas. We thought on our next visit, we would either just order the dosas, or the medhu vada and share one dosa.

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